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  1. Well, that’s an extremely specific fetish.

    Apparently he’s ok with anyone as long as they’re anything but black and using MetroPCS OR any race but not using MetroPCS.

    It’s getting complicated, cruising on Grindr.

  2. What about a white guy who uses MetroPCS? Is he against blacks or the phone company, or both… I don’t quite get it.

  3. What is Metro PCS? I’ve heard of this in India (im guessing that is what he means by South Asia); the darker you are, the lower caste you are. So he doesn’t want someone darker than he is.

  4. Metro PCS is a no contract wireless provided (from what Google tells me, not available in my area)

    Sad part is, he’s a cute guy. Nice looking, trendy glasses, nice facial stubble. If it weren’t for the douchie bigot comment I’d be all over that.

  5. MetroPCS is a cheapo phone company here in the US that people of low income or with bad credit (or none) can sign up for a month-by-month phone plan. Basically if you don’t come into the store to pay your bill at the end of the monthly cycle, your service will get shut off.

    MetroPCS customers are usually identified as being of ethnic minority or a person of low income.

    There’s nothing to be embarrassed about… hey shit happens and we all can’t afford a fucking iphone or droid! This grindr user thinks he’s above it and also racially linking the two (ie. MetroPCS with black people).

  6. Hello Everyone,

    I am the person in this Grindr profile. I am greatly horned to be featured on this site. (sarcasm)

    Here are the reasons for my bio line.

    >First, its suppose to be funny. The overall reaction has been more than positive. I’ve had many black men send me messages saying how funny my bio line is. I have gotten little negative feedback but overall its been positive.

    >Second, I live in Atlanta with huge African American Population. Because I’m brown, I get hit up from an assortment of black men. I find some genre if black men attractive but do not find ghetto black men attractive. Just no my style.

    >Third, Ever since Grindr released the Android version of the popular gay app, the demographics of men have changed. I now receive messages from ghetto ass black men on Metro PCS. These users have headlines such as “REAL”, “Honest”, “No drama”, “IM DA SHIT”, “Niggazilla”, etc.

    >Forth, MetroPCS is ghetto! It is a prepaid cellphone company. (Generalization) Most people that use that cell service are either low income, minorities, and/or have bad credit. I tend to go for men who are educated, have good credit, and have their s— together. That’s my preference and I have every right to state it.

    >Sixth, In my bio line I am sarcastic and to me humorous. However, there is some truth to my bio line and I feel nothing wrong in stating it.

    >Seventh, If you don’t like my bio line then BLOCK MY ASS!!!!

    Kind Regards,
    Metro PCS Race Hating Douche

  7. To further support my evidence I have provided photos of the ghetto black people on Grindr.




    Kind Regards,

    Metro PCS Race Hating Douche

  8. Metro,
    I enjoyed the first two photos you link to but the third link is no good. And also Mr. Soljah4lyve is very fun but I see no evidence of his METRO PCS phone. Perhaps he is using a Trakfone instead?

  9. @Admin Yes they maybe on Trackphone. Im just using metropcs as a pitching point. It’s in all good humor

  10. This idiot only made himself look worse with that pathetic (and overly extensive) explanation. He is upset because in Atlanta, the hot white guys there pay him NO ATTENTION. His “brown skin” mostly attracts black men. He HATES that. Newsflash dude, what you hate is exactly what you attract. Deal with it, or leave Atlanta. The fact of the matter is this: You don’t attract hot white guys. Too bad, douche bag.

  11. I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually fun to read. With all the garbage floating around on the internet, it is a great change of pace to read a site like yours instead.

  12. hi guys.This thread makes me sad,well i’m indian(same race as featured douche)..i face racism in the gay community and find it difficult to date,every gay guy seems to be chasing after the “white adonis”& i sometimes find it difficult to find a sense of belonging within the community.well the main reason i am saddened by this entry is because,this indian guy is clearly being racist and he goes out of his way to make a snarky,immature and racist comments about people who earn a modest income.as an indian person i have been affected by some form of racism,so i never want to discrimanated against any1.this guy should be ashamed of himself,it is likely that he has experienced racism but 2wrongs dont make a right.thanx 4 reading my post,it kinda hit home for me.oh and i have a finally thought,it is so weird that straight people are more open minded about race& most gay guys are afraid of interracial dating or socializing.

  13. This Fool is one of those who put on a Fake Strong front to cover up their fear, insecurities and misery … I used to know him through a good friend but had to eventually tell him off … Good Riddance … almost everyone I know hates him because he was born without a filter between his brain and his mouth… TOTAL JERK!!!

  14. I use metro but I’m a full time college student supporting myself… I can’t afford a fancy iphone at the moment… reading comments about how people using metro are “inferiors” is making me feel bad.. Kindly go fuck yourself guy.

  15. This guy is almost as dark as a black guy…I can’t believe there are racist Indians. Is he getting that many messages from black men that he has to post an announcement on his profle?? What a curry stank underarm douche!

  16. He’s NOT racist.
    You guys can’t read.
    He said that he doesn’t want any GHETTO black men, which is akin to rejecting redneck white men. They have the same ignorant mentality.

    He’s interested in intelligent, articulate black men who carry themselves with dignity. Smart man.

  17. Have to say lots of these replies are worse than the op. Underarm curry stank??
    Again race seems to be a massive issue in the USA and AU and not as much elsewhere ( correct me if that’s wrong)
    In Europe it’s not as big a deal but UK white so maybe others have had different experience.


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