18 thoughts on “Masc Douche Couple”

  1. No one is going to comment on that high-class toothpick perched in the mouth of one of these guys? I mean … NO ONE!? Really? That just screams class act! It also scream gum disease and used car salesman.

  2. Omg. These guys live around me and I actually spoke to them before, I think. Hahaha. That’s so funny. They’re in New York City

  3. Latino guys 5 11? Possibly in cha cha heels with a baseball cap on.but they’re not so douchey? It’s a clear picture and u kinda see what you are getting,?

  4. It’s a hat-astrophe geddit?
    Seriously matchy Matchy never good
    Hats hideous ( teenagers only pls)
    Toothpick is frankly trying to hard

  5. Still not douchey, after all of these years.
    Masculine men like each other. get over it.
    Denigrating trivial details like their dress, etc., just validates the reasons why they reject effeminate males.

  6. These 2 midgets again. I’m guessing 5ft 5 and Cha Cha heels and oversized caps add a few inches. Adam stop liking your own posts .

    1. Tippy, quit trying (and failing, as usual) to project your pathetic behavior onto me.
      Thank you.
      I am, amused, however, that the idea of someone agreeing with me upsets you so much, you post lame allegations.:)


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