16 thoughts on “Car Bottom Douche”

  1. How is this guy a douche? Some people might be sluts with no standards who’ll sleep with anyone, this guy has preferences.

  2. Between the fake grill, his acne, his Linkin Park t-shirt and fake gang signs, he doesn’t do the gay scene because he knows he’ll be read to filth. He looks like the most gangsta kid in all of the trailer park…

  3. The douchey thing about him is he comes off as “I’m too macho to be gay”. But you guys remember, picking on his appearance just makes you seem like the douche.

  4. Nothing particularly wrong with him. Other than the unfortunate gangsta grill, but that doesn’t matter really because he’ll be facing the other way when we have sex.

  5. How is this “femmephobia” ? FYI: Not all homosexuals are into the gay scene! I know! That’s a HUGE shocker!


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