30 thoughts on “Beautiful Douche”

  1. First of all…yes, he is a douche. But I must laugh at the comments on this site. If he was a nice guy everyone would be like “Aw he’s cute!” But because he’s a douche the first people thing people do it pick apart his physical appearance.

  2. ummmm by the way he has a high metabolism he cant gain weight to save his life, and he is not a douche so yeah, and honestly around here, sometimes no face pic is better for some people

  3. The reason people are picking apart his appearance, Scott, is because he deemed himself “beautiful.” Which is pretty damn arrogant for such an average-looking guy.

  4. Hey, roommate, I don’t care why he’s unattractively skinny. Really, does he care that I’m fat because I have a slow metabolism? no? Then we’re even.

    Further, yes, he’s a douche. Anyone who uses the space reserved for his description to insult people (no matter how abstractly) is by definition a douche.

  5. Wow being posted on this site with a Grindr pic that includes your facebook URL is especially unfortunate, because everybody gets to find out how to contact you.

    Me and this guy have a common friend! It turns out.

    But sadly the closeted guys who would never put any identifying info to speak of tend to be the biggest douchebags and most deserving of being located.

  6. Well we have a douche. What *man* says shit like that? Douche talk.

    He has nasty skinny body, and needs a rhinoplasty…his large nose slants to his left.

  7. I think we should find Matt’s pic! He is being I huge douche! Why are you hating on people’s apparences so much! Is it because you actually an ugly guy who is insacure about yourself so you go online and bash other people’s looks? Not cool! Matt = douche/dick/bitch/asshole…ect

  8. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahah.. I’ve known Lance for years. He’s a GREAT guy. But this is truly a douchey profile statement!

    *snickers and calls him*

    1. LOL
      Stevie, you’re not bored. You’re just “butthurt”.
      The truth tends to do that to the delusional…and alone:)

  9. lol Adam noone actually types that any more., gossip girl.
    I suppose thinking of us all alone ( married 5 years) makes you feel better about your sad Lil ‘ life.

    1. LOL
      Timbo, focusing on my use of internet acronyms, to distract from your inability disprove even one of my posts, is pretty pathetic and transparent.

      Your continued bitchin’ about being rejected won’t let me believe anything else about you.

      “Married 5 years”?
      Riiiiiiight, and you’ve spent most of that time here. Okay…

      Btw, don’t worry about my life. The truth would only make you even more bitter, if that were at all possible.:)


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