24 thoughts on “Anti-Douche”

  1. Yeah I wondered that as well.

    According to Urban Dictionary:
    young gaystreamed traditionally attractive clubgoer. works out too much. wears a shocking amount of cologne. has no imagination. almost always white.

  2. Good joke. Too bad it’s obvious he means the exact opposite of everything he states.
    ROFLs He doesn’t say politely that he’s prefers fit guys.

  3. If they stop posting, someone can always go through the comment threads here to create “Douchebagsofdouchebagsofgrindr.com” It’s PERFECT irony that nearly every comment thread on this site, which is pretty much dedicated to deriding the “no fems”/”no fatties” mentality, includes someone making some superficial slight against the target. Brilliant.

    Anyway, I think there’s enough here to cover pretty much every standard dating site/Grindr douchebaggery. Moving along….

  4. Wow. Now this is one of the many reasons as to why I don’t get along with other gay men! I mean, he sounds like self-loathing, tired, tried and true, triflin’ ass sideshow scene queen who’s trying to find his next possible meal ticket. Look, y’all, the phone has no service(:

  5. can somebody please enlighten me how to talk to a stranger if not beginning with a HEY, HI, WHATSUP, HOW ARE YOU? honestly people are fucking INSANE

    also would it kill people to just say, SORRY NOT INTERESTED, GOOD LUCK. or something? it would save you from the agonizing pain of being spoken to and having to block someone.

  6. in light of the “straight acting, laid back, vgl, 12 inches, top” spiel that so manyfags spout – this is wonderfully refreshing. The only thing he left out was fatties, trannies and drug addicts to the front of the line.


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