15 thoughts on “Quotaton Marked Dick Size Douche”

  1. he is a douche because he is calling himself hot. Real hot people already know and for them its not a big deal and so they don’t even need to state it, heck they probably the MOST modest about it. But if you have to put it on the profile there, its like all of a sudden you’re affirmation girl, needing to remind yourself constantly in order for you to believe it.

  2. If that’s really him in the picture, he is hot and he’s got a point.
    Who wants to be inundated with unsuitable prospects, especially if you’ve already stated what you DO want?

  3. Photoshopping is easily hidden by changing the picture to black and white. I questions about whether his profile pic is even real. And it doesn’t even show his full face, another red flag. His description makes him a supermegadouche. But his profile overal screams “FAKE!!!”


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