29 thoughts on “Interest Free Douche”

  1. @Todd: English obviously isn’t his first language. And you left the apostrophe off Kim’s last name. If you’re going to talk about other people’s’ grammar, yours had better be perfect. Douche.

  2. Saab his English mustn’t be good if he can’t do a simple statement. Now this isn’t necessarily an issue , especially if you just after a shag !

  3. @Black Saab
    There was only need for one of those apostrophes after the word people. Shame you couldn’t decide which one was correct 🙂

  4. I don’t care about his grammar. It’s not like it’s given it’s proper priority in modern society. I’m just wondering why he spent the time to create a profile just to let everyone know that he doesn’t want to talk to them. I bet he also stands around half naked in the gym locker room posing in the mirror, then gets upset if anyone looks at him.

    1. just like most douchebags he gets upset when the people who he finds unattractive look at him…..but gets frustrated when the ones he is running after isn’t interested in him

  5. He’s not a douche. He’s very handsome, and just tired of DELUSIONAL old, bitter queens constantly trying to get into his pants, as if you had a chance in the world of succeeding.

    1. LOL
      Make me.
      I’m quite original, actually. I cut right to the truth behind your collective bitching about being rejected.
      That you can’t handle it is irrelevant.
      Just prove me wrong. Once.:)

    1. LOL
      Shano, you can’t flush the truth.
      It’ll always be there, complete with a post saying, “No, I’ll never want to f*ck you!”
      How could I possibly hate a site that demonstrates and validates every theory I’ve ever had about gay guys’ behavior when they’re/you’re rejected?
      It’s like my birthday. Every. Single. Day.
      Being proven right NEVER gets old, no matter how many times it happens and, for me, it happens A LOT!:)

  6. Adam it makes you happy obviously.
    Noone really bothers to reply as you’re oh so predictable with the same comment.
    Please do stop with the caps though and the lol at least. You sound like a 62 yr old trying to stay relevant.


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