33 thoughts on “Hateful Cunt Douche”

  1. I think the title, “Hateful Cunt Douche” is incredibly inappropriate, seems to me like the person who posted this is more “hateful”.

  2. Insatiable, collicky Shitcago bottom profile (even a traffic cone wouldn’t satisfy them after being DP’d at the 24/7/365 “steamy” Loveshack). They’re usually not this attractive though.

  3. Not interested in no beard rides lol. And I bet his back is hairy too. Stupid hipster beards. If u guys didn’t notice, sometimes what’s on the inside can make what’s on the outside ugly…

  4. @The RWAL AJ – I seriously doubt Ed is apologizing, more like he is pointing out the blatant and unprovoked use of “cunt” in the title. The fact you didn’t notice just strikes home. This website calls people out justly for their racism and douchbaggery, yet loses the amusing highground when it decides that using the most offensive word for female genetalia is somehow okay.

  5. Did anyone notice the redundancy of “reply back”? That’s like saying “unthaw.” If anything, I judged him on that alone lol

  6. @Matt are you lonely because obviously the way you grade people on here you will never find someone that looks “perfect” for you! I would love to see what you look like!

    Matt= disrespectful douche!!!

  7. Im starting to think the real douchebags are the ones posting on this website. I think people should be forced to include their picture if they want to post their pathetic critiques of people they don’t know. Then they can be harshly judged.

  8. “SIMPLE PIMPLE!” =?!??!!??! HAHAHAHA ; THATS ” FAGGY” YEOOOOOOOO! yes ladies ,that was IRONY, Using the word FAGGY was IRONY! get it girls! I R O N Y !

    1. I’ll change mine, when you(collectively)change yours. Deal?
      My posts annoy you because they’re true. You’re not what attractive, masculine men want. Deal with it. Pissing and moaning only serves to validate their preferences.
      Best of luck to you.:)

    1. LOL
      Stop projecting, Timbo.
      Whatsamatta, baby? Afraid that the guy(s)who agree with me mean even fewer guys with whom you had an imaginary shot?
      Now that you’ve told me that the very idea of someone reading my post and-wait for it-agreeing with me upsets you to the point that you have to resort to accusing me of the kind of behavior with which you’re, obviously, familiar, I can only wish you a good weekend…alone.:)

        1. LOL
          Married 6 years?
          Riiiight, considering that you’ve spent most of them here…
          In the meantime, try to disprove ANYTHING that I’ve posted.
          Take your time…:)


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