9 thoughts on “Go Vegan No Asian”

  1. What’s with all the hating on Asians? Man. And his whole profile is dedicated to it? Pretty lame to put up a profile and the only information I have is that you’re a racist douche afraid to show his face. Dude, I don’t find you attractive and I haven’t even seen your face.

  2. Are guys getting that many messages from Asian guys that these sorts of disclaimers are even necessary? In all my years on the internet, I think maybe 5 Asian guys have virtually approached me. I’m not on Grindr, but is it rife with Asian guys hitting on everyone? Or are these guys preemptively putting it out there? It’s just so weird. I mean, for the number for times I see profiles that state “no Asians” you’d think there were mobs of them out there trying to bang every guy they see.

  3. This is a pretty dissapointing website. These are just regular things you see on grindr they arent even that douchey.

    Its not douchey to say u arent into asians or arabs or anything like that, how can you get angry at someone for what theyre into?

    This website is obviously fat/ugly guys who dont get any responses on grindr and are angry about it.

  4. There are decent ways of saying what type of guys you are actually looking for without being a douche, unless you are as stupid as those douchebags at puting your words into a sentence, Cameron.

  5. I’m not ever surprised by the dislike Whites have for Asians…or anyone (who isn’t white) tbh. But I’m just more so surprised that Asian guys are still madly in love with white guys lol. Maybe shocked isn’t the right word. I just think it’s ironic.


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