16 thoughts on “Douche Equals Douche”

  1. He has very average arms, nothing out of the ordinary. And most people at my gym have much better ones. So he should put his sleeves back on. Douche.

  2. I wonder what he’s trying to show off in this picture… I’m sure it’s not the arms coz there’s nothing to show there.

    I’m definite that that’s not 33 though. Look at how high he’s pulled his pants. Only older gentlemen do that. I’m not saying he’s a gentleman though.

  3. Eww, this dudes body is not even “Some of That” yet alone All That. And, I have a feeling that arm is strategically blocking a fat gut. He needs to get serious.

  4. maybe he should have a body pic and not some lame arm pic that shows he needs to spend more time in the gym and less time on grindr

  5. I always get messaged by these type of guys. Society hypes them up for being the bare minimum, but their arms are no different from my 60 year old mom. Plus, they never take their tops off.


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