27 thoughts on “Cunt Faced Grindr Douche”

  1. Actually he’s not that douchey. Yes, grammar fail, but he’s not blatantly arrogant. I’ve seen many profiles like this.

  2. Big pecs bub, but if you want to see your future build, look at the ex Governor Ahl-nold.

    Should just stick with nature.

  3. omg how many roids does this guy take a day? LOL does he REALLY think he’s going to awe everyone with that body? Do you think we’re fucking blind buddy? OMG HAHAHAHAHAH Poor guy. He must feel so insecure about his body 🙁

  4. I’m guessing he gets thrashed with messages and then thrashed again with instant people.
    I kind of read these as guys that are frustrated with pushy people.

  5. He’s very attractive but he does have that bitchy queen look about him…spends a lot of time in bars looking in mirrors type.

  6. He’s not a douche. He’s not arrogant. He’s gorgeous and tired of bitter, unattractive effeminates not taking “no” for an answer. His grammar is wrong, true, but, he’s right, and you know it.:)

    1. Nah.
      You wouldn’t be able to handle it.
      Besides, I’ve already made that mistake…once. The next thing I know, it was on gay dating site profiles, from coast to coast.
      No, thank you.lol

  7. Adam one can only assume you’re a bit of an oldie. Noone says lol anymore.
    Please divert your attention and energy to where it belongs. Getting a frigging life.
    Back to the profile – guy is incredibly fit but a smile would make him look even better!

    1. LOL
      Trent, a few notes:
      1.Yes, they do.
      2.Keep up the ad hominems. They make your inability to disprove my points-any of them-all the more obvious.:)

  8. He’s got a point. When someone doesn’t respond, it’s a pretty safe bet they aren’t interested. Very few people reply with “Sorry, not interested” unless you persist. And if you do send a second message after no reply from the first, you look pretty desperate.


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