9 thoughts on “Total Dickhead Grindr Douche”

  1. He’s not a douche. He has the right attitude. He shouldn’t pretend to like or even tolerate fat, obnoxious effeminates, i.e., most of the guys on this site.

      1. LOL
        No one’s asking you to ‘pretend to like him’, but, you, like the person who suggested his profile be posted here, is just bitter that a guy who looks that good has rejected you.

        You guys make yourselves look like far bigger a-holes than the supposed “douches”.:)

  2. He is a little punk kid trying to look all gangster. Pathetic. I know I wouldnt be his type and I am proud of it. Why would anyone want to be?

  3. If he’s the arrogant jerk he presents himself as, then yes, he probably does get what he wants. “Nice guys always finish last”is very true.


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