12 thoughts on “Suspicious Douche”

  1. Douchebag to English Translator:
    If you like what you see, flatter me!
    Hi boys!!! I’m not gay or bisexual. I am here to boost my ego.

    1. @blah – Oooh, good point. I had a friend who’d tell me stories about how he knew a guy who was straight af but loved being in the company of gays because it meant compliments…gross

  2. He’s not a douche. He’s just in denial.
    Perhaps, if someone reached out to him and showed him a few positive gay or bisexual MEN, he’d become more comfortable in his own skin. Everyone needs a mentor.

  3. Hes like the topless guys who just ” want to chat no hook ups ”
    Put on a clothed pic then!
    Adam you’re more of a demented dementor


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