21 thoughts on “Really Butch Fake Gang Sign Bloke/Douche”

  1. Also with the whole “at least he’s not racist” tag. I’ve met hundreds of these wankers in Australia. You can bet he would have written NO ASIANS if he had the room. All these “only in real men” dicks hate Asians too because they equate Asians with effeminacy

  2. To be fair, most australians lack any kind of sensitivity/class/maturity. Just let her do her drugs and she can wrestle with her internalised homophobia when she’s not bouncing up and down and someone’s cock.

  3. I always laugh hysterically when I see some wannabe white boy thug flash a gang sign and think he is oh so cool. If those douchebags found themselves in Compton or ELA they’d find themselves on the wrong end of a 9mm. Stupid fucktard.

    1. Nope, us surfers use “shaka” hang loose sign, but the index finger wound’t not stick out (so it’s just the thumb and little finger).

      He is defo doing a rocking horn.

  4. Really some of the hatred for my fellow Australians on this site borders on prejudice.

    We aren’t all racist rednecks.

  5. Just because they don’t want to sleep with Asians doesn’t mean they hate them. Personally I don’t sleep with Asians because they lack all of the physical characteristics that appeal to me sexually.

  6. Yep…your body looks like you live off of beer. Find a weight room.

    Needs filler around the mouth, dental work, botox in the forehead, laser skin resurfacing, a rhinoplasty, and conservative eyebrow tweezing.

  7. Hot fella.vanilla too. He’d be fun.
    I’m Aussie. And agree a lot of us are slightly racist. It’s kinda fucked.
    Also, he’s doing the horns.
    It’s nothing to do with the thug life.
    Should update the heading. 😀

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  9. He’s not a douche.
    He’s a masculine guy who’s attracted to his peers.
    If that doesn’t include you, get over it, because your posts are great examples of just why he’s not into effeminate guys.


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