10 thoughts on “Oprah Douche”

  1. His name backwards is Sissylu! LOL! His random use of spacing and capitalization is giving me a headache!

  2. Hmmm ok he needs a dealer ASAP. Every single letter t being capitalize is for TINA (meth) and water= G. He must have had an amazing party, especially lecturing people that happiness is in crystal and g, if that’s true for him trust me he doesn’t look nothing like that pic…

  3. No she’s not a douchebag, but I half expect her to be playing with the rubber duckie and warships next. What a great date 😉

  4. I agree w/ Hotmaninsf….he seems to be selling meth or etc. He’s letting ppl know he’s a dealer. Read only the capitalized words.


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