12 thoughts on “Gold Medal Douche”

  1. Disrespect? This is another “You started it douche!” Calling us all names right off the bat get you a one way ticket to doucheland!

  2. It’s crazy how intensly femmephobic some people are. If they are that afraid of being around an effeminate man, their construct of masculinity must be REALLY FRAGILE.

  3. just gross…MAYBE….just MAYBE if WE think he’s good enough he’ll get more…but you gotta be pretty high or just ugly to think he is!

  4. Wow, who would sleep with this guy? He probably beats the crap out of his dates after he comes (which probably takes 2 seconds).

  5. Why do these douches hate gay men who don’t ooze masculinity? Are they that insecure? Are they afraid people will figure them out if they are seen with someone who is more feminine? I think femme guys are cute, and I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen with them.

  6. “femmephobic”. Good word.
    This guys a wanker. And not very attractive. Maybe a swinging dick?

    And not being attracted to fem fellas isn’t about insecurity. It’s just… A narrow sexual taste. Straight guys might chase a hair colour, or the way a woman dresss’s more than her affectations. I’m not drawn sexually to guys that are feminine. At the same time… Those guys KNOW how to have a laugh. 😀

  7. Congratulations!
    You’ve just demonstrated why he’s not into effeminate males, which is his right, however he chooses to say it.


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