18 thoughts on “Enforcement Douche”

  1. Gee whiz Grandpa, you’d think you were a hot 25 year old with that attitude. I’ve met hot people over 40 and even over 50. You aren’t one of them

  2. OR it could just mean he likes what he likes. Why waste more time than one already does on Grindr? I don’t think that makes him a douchebag at all. I think that makes him focused.

  3. The only thing worse than a twink who isn’t as hot as he thinks he is, is a middle-aged man who isn’t as hot a she thinks he is.

    He’s not being focused, he’s being an obnoxious ass.

  4. ^none other than the douche himself. i love watching them find themselves on here… too obvious – nice try…not.

  5. Gramps, doesn’t look like you’re aging too well. Maybe that’s why your photoshopped pic only shows half of you. What’s hiding on the other half?


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