15 thoughts on “Douche, Please!”

  1. Bloke looks Asian. Doesn’t mean he needs to date or be attracted to them.

    I fuckin haaaaaate the lezbo looks a lot of twinks go for. Like women’s hair from the 90s. Ugh

    1. Yep the Telstra network is Australian, so he will be a New Zealander in Australia.

      And Martin a lot of Maori guys in New Zealand do look Asian, but in actual fact do not have any Asian descent in them at all.

    1. Boy, Trent, the truth never stops hurting you, does it?lol

      Were I to look for validation here(or anywhere), among the constantly rejected and bitter, I’d feel safe in knowing that I can always find it in your replies to each of my posts.:)

  2. One imagines you pacing around waiting for a reply to your latest ” zinger”. Wow you really got the better of me.

    1. LOL
      Trent, if I did, I’d know that I can ALWAYS look to you to supply the proof that I ALWAYS do(Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the need to even mention it.).:)


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