16 thoughts on “Business Douche”

  1. Its always hilarious when people on Grindr start off their profiles bashing Grindr. I mean, you still are on it, so you must not hate it too bad or else you would have closed your profile.

    Society has bred so many gay men with manliness issues. So many people, instead of being normal guys, overcompensate to the point where they would make straight men wonder “WTF is up with that macho asshole?”

  2. BrandonJD you hit the nail on the head perfectly, ppl are so over macho its ridiculous, funny thing is i know a few guys who have that on their profiles and i see them out dancing in gay bars and theyre anything but… so stupid how ppl feel the need to over macho themselves isnt it

  3. Give her a break–things just haven’t been right since Vanilli committed suicide and they took back her Grammy award.


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