21 thoughts on “Yet Another One”

  1. D only have considered him a douche if he wasnt white, wasnt young, and didnt have a face picture, but since he does, im totally fine with it. Only someone who wants to date him, but doesnt meet the standards would be mad

  2. Sorry Jose, but you’re incorrect. See I don’t personally find him attractive and I STILL think he’s a douche! Racism = Always Douchy. Ageism = again Douchy!

    We’ve got establish the differences between racism/ageism and a preference, boys!

    How lucky that Justin has established his “standards” at such a tender age. He’s on his way to a lifetime of douchiness unless we educate him.

  3. Oh grow up queens. Its an app with gps to find ass as close as possible. No one is obligated to respect ur delicate ego and insecurities about being a minority. If ur not into him then why the fuck do u care? Im sure hes read plenty of profiles saying an age or weight range he’s not in or saying they’re not into whites and doesn’t get bent out of shape about it.

  4. Fuck all you hatin ass mothafukers Justin is the shit! Your just pissed cause he won’t suck your cock. ๐Ÿ˜‰ pull the fuckin dick out your throat and back the fuck off. ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahahahaha lame ass losers! I love me some cowboy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ plus if anyone had real balls they’d say it to him. Not post some dumb shit on here. Hahahaha.

  5. hey – im quite a bit older than him myself however if he has preferences that’s his prerogative. If he said “i have preferences” no blacks, old guys, etc..?? would he still be considered a racist? Or can we give him his christian title back? Plus he’s a kid – we have all accidentally said things the wrong way!

    he’s a good dude so let it go!

  6. Please all of you get the hell over yourselves. Saying whites only is not racist. He is entitled to a preference and to not be shamed bullied for it by you hateful pricks. Same with the age thing. He knows what he wants and I don’t blame him. My age filter on grindr is set for 21 to 29. I don’t want someone too young and definitely do not want someone old and unattractive. That’s called a sexual preference. Stop being bitches about it. That boy made no racist remarks by stating his preference and he is entitled to search for people his age he finds attractive and can relate to.
    And Tropes, pricks like you who crow on about white privilege are the real racists. Such a think does not exist, privilege has nothing to do with the color of your skin, just the content of your wallet. Race and gender shamers like yourself are scum.

  7. He’s neither a douche, nor is he a racist.
    You’re just calling him that because he’s rejected you.
    Your comments prove that he’s made the right choice.

  8. Adam you have totally lost lost any credibility as you stand up for any decent looking white guy on this! Shame theyou wouldn’t look twice at u

    1. LOL
      Ah, poor Tippy. So bitter. So alone.
      My credibility remains intact, as I stand up for common sense on this site. You’re just upset because I’m NOT bothered by his disinterest in black people, as if you’re our “white knight”.

      As for your other blurb, you’re quite wrong. Again.
      Attractive white men seek me out, because of my intelligence, articulation, style, education…and good looks. Unfortunately(for them, anyway), I usually reject them, as they don’t have all of the qualities that I seek.
      You may now proceed to do whatever you can to make that into a ‘negative’.:)


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