29 thoughts on “Shitting in the Car Douche”

    1. I agree with Yuck.

      “Homos are gay” = he’s kidding.

      “I need a retard-to-English dictionary to talk to some of you on here”. — Prove him wrong. You’ve all seen who’s on Grindr.

    1. oh don’t play that…i know you. you aren’t tough or badass like you think you are. nor does anyone like you cause your nuts and asshole. karma’s a b****

        1. I saw the the photo before my eyes landed on the heading . Its funny because I was going to say the same thing: He looks like he’s taking a hard shit.

          The photo is douchey, terrible and blurry, but the text is more just bad taste, I’d say.

  1. I’ve talked to this guy, he’s in SoCal. The profile isn’t so douchey, but the moment at which he propositioned me for sex AND shirtless photos definitely was.

  2. HAHA! I’m not really Sean, but that was a nice way to dodge my comment. Bluntly put – you’re a jerk…you really treated me like crap at a particular moment and it was uncalled for. You’re an ass to alot of people who don’t deserve it. Oh – you aren’t tough btw. Just extremely insecure. You’re single for many good reasons. Again, karma is a b****.

  3. Matt stop trying to get everyone on Botox.
    It’s just a stupid joke, not the funniest but I guess if you don’t like it move in to the next one…

  4. He’s not a douche, and he’s right about obnoxious effeminates.
    In 4 years, you haven’t proven him wrong.

    1. LOL
      Tippy, I know that the truth hurts.
      Just become a desirable man(or a man, period), and you won’t have to face so much rejection.:)


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