14 thoughts on “Not Not a Douchebag”

  1. i dont see the issue with this one – he’s not showing any discrimination – maybe he should loose the ‘pout'[and learn how to take a self-pic using a mirror] – and he’s still growing up, soon he’ll learn that being ‘the shit’ does nothing but stink . . .

  2. Actually, the gist of this one is pretty nice. He is saying to hell with the labels! I also doubt he is being serious when he says he’s the shit, I think he was attempting to be funny.

    So I categorize him as non douche.

  3. Agree, this one isn’t too douchey. Indeed, if you’re trying to call him out as being “fat” (when he isn’t), then you’re being more douchey than he is!

  4. Oh, this one is fine. He’s just being glib. I see guys on TWitter put “I play video games, I eat pizza, I’m all kinds of Awesome” and you get the joke. Hookup site maybe not the best venue, but I think this guy’s got a sense of humor about himself.

  5. @Joseph, there are guys who have a thin face and a bloated body. This guy’s one of them. I can tell the type.

  6. kinda like this guy. think he’s hot and he’s basically saying that he falls someone in between all this labels and he’s happy with it


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