162 thoughts on “Loves Life + Specific Races Only Douche”

  1. What a douchebag! Everyone know that white supremacy members cover there faces with a mask for fear of being recognized…I mean, let face it, everyone recognizes a douchebag!

  2. WTF? Are us Asians like the plague? Why do you see so many no Asians?

    Or the world is full of bigoted white douche (usually)?

    1. The website is called “DouchebagsOfGrindr” after all. Every other guy I know, myself included, enjoys the Asian boys, so don’t sweat.

  3. You guys are morons. He’s not attracted to Asians. How dare you call him a racist for that. I’d be willing to be he’s not into women either. Is he a sexist? Don’t get all pissy because he doesn’t like fucking Asian boys. This is sexual attraction, not racism. Dipshits.

      1. You can’t judge people based on their sexual attraction nor can you criticise them for making it clear if they’re not using racist or demeaning language. It’s in bad taste. You might put out for all and sundry but don’t judge people who aren’t that slutty.

        1. It’s in bloody bad taste to STATE it on a profile. What? Asians queuing up to knock on his door? We overwlem his inbox with request for love?

          If he’s not into them, then just not reply to their messages. Or tell them PRIVATELY.

          Why must every douche tell the whole fucking world?

          1. Because he doesn’t bloody well have to! He’s saving people the bother. Only a really fragile creature with issues would be offended by someone stating their sexual preferences. It’s not your issue. My God! You’re like a rejected bespectacled geek trying to get revenge on the cheerleader who turned him down because you don’t fit her muscled type. What a baby!

        1. being honest as a racist. No matter how much you want to justify it is a personal preference. It is still racist by nature. It is not his nurture to have such preference. It is the nature ( preconveiced bigoted, prejudiced, notions developed over years of seeing stereotypes in the media or upbringing ). Hence, the latent racism in his preference. Now, don’t tell me to equate this preference as other harmless preference such as big breast, pecs, etc.

          When you filter people based on RACE. You already have racist thinking on your mind, without seeing that an asian person can be a candidate or view he/she as an individual, instead of lumping them into a racial category.

          Your psuedo faux white privileged liberal POV is ignorant.

          1. Why are you dudes so worried? If he’s such a a-hole then why would you want him to be YOUR candidate… Just man up and move on. Stop crying about being rejected. It happens to a lot of people (me included). Get over it, move on.

            Another point, if you don’t think there is any basis of truth to his ‘racist’ attitude then why react so strongly about it?

  4. I don’t get the no asians thing. Where are most of these profiles from? Where I’m from, Asians are like any other group, no one singles them out as being less desirable.

  5. I don’t think its so much racism but more sexual attraction. But yes I dont like seeing grindr profiles with such select criteria.

  6. This profile is another Australian racist. It’s everywhere down here. And if you say anything to them, the response is the stock standard “im not a racist, it’s just my preference.” DOUCHE. BAGS.

  7. I just don’t understand why all you are criticizing this guy for. It seems that YOU are the ones that have some kind of problem with yourselves, and the douchebag is the one from this website who uploaded this picture and tagged this guy as racist.

    I’m 100% sure you are not attracted to guys in their 70s or guys that are too fat or whatever. It’s just a PREFERENCE. Does your brain allow to understand that?

    I’m sort of a globetrotter, I have lived everywhere around the globe and I’m pretty open-minded towards ALL cultures, but that doesn’t mean that I’m attracted to guys from all places… You are just confusing different concepts, and the problem is that by doing so you are insulting someone and accusing him of being a racist, which I would find extremely annoying. I myself am not attracted to Asian guys, so what? I’ve lived in Tokyo, have been in China, and I have lots of friends from those places, and they know I’m not into them. The assumption you are making is as stupid as a straight saying you hate women because you don’t like them.

    I would love to send a private E-Mail to whoever is running this website and tell him that he should delete those “racist” tags.

    1. Preference? Racial preference is racist. How does such preference build upon? You think, you come out of the womb and decide to fuck only whites?

      The racial preference is built upon social stigma, stereotypes and bigotry and has nothing to do with the nurture of the preference. They see Asians in a category prior to actually meeting/seeing the person as an individual. So, should big companies racially prefer Asian workers because they are stereotypically viewed as geeky and hard working?

      Shit. I hate this pseudo faux liberal white privileged POV.

      1. It is certainly worthwhile to think about WHY it is you are attracted to certain types of guys. The douche in question happens to be attracted to “ozzy guys”, meaning metal guys. If you’re a raver boy or a preppy guy or whatever the hell else, there’s not exactly cause to attack him just because he’s not into your kind.

        Physical attraction is not always politically correct. And it comes out, especially in forums like Grindr, in sometimes tactless, yet not entirely unsurprising, ways. You’re trying to get some, and you’re being honest in 5 words or less about what you like.

        It would just be less douche-like to specify what you liked without going the length of what you don’t like, yes?

      2. How about this, in bluntest: his cock has never gotten hard for an Asian or Indian guy. He has never felt the desire to kiss an Asian or Indian guy. He also states that he likes Middle Eastern men and he probably wouldn’t say no to guys of other skin tones or body features either.
        You’re sick of this pseudo faux liberal white privileged POV? I’m sick of this hard done by, can’t get the cock I want victim mentality.

        1. sexual attraction toward men can be an example of the nature case. Sexual attraction toward certain ‘race’ is an example of the nurture case.

          Someone needs to finish their sociology class before spewing more liberal crap.

      3. Uh, tripes… I think you just proved you are the racist one, not this guy…

        I’m a white guy, and generally only attracted to latinos. So I’m racist against white people? lol, fuck you.

    1. For being such a pathetic website i think ure the one who is commenting more…

      I wonder which of this profiles is yours so u get so touchy HAHAHA douche

      in the meantime i will enjoy watching how not so attractive guys turn into literally unfuckable by being DOUCHEBAGS

    2. Your moronic drivel is posted all over this thread. Who is censoring you, ya whiny victim douche? 🙂

      1. How am I the victim? I don’t care if he’s attracted to me or not. The difference is that if he’s not into me, I won’t try to ruin him for it.

  8. I agree just because he doesnt like to have sex with asians doesnt make his racist. Do you sleep with every single person who asks you? and if you dont then i am sure can find a label for you and call you out for being a douche.I know black guys who only date black guys, white guys who only date hispanics and even asians who do not like to date other asians. It is not about racism it is about attraction.

  9. Why not say “prefer…this race or that race”, instead of “not into…”? I think one can talk about what one is attracted to, without denigrating groups who already struggle with acceptance and have less power in the world. Anyone on here know how racism is defined?

      1. It’s not fracking Maccas or Subway. Where you can go easy on the pickle and no to the cheese.

        He maybe free to post “No Asians”, but then he also conceded to be called a DOUCHE if he does so.

        When the world turn around and you get signs of “No Whites”, you would not be offended?

        Such places do exisit, plenty of Japanese clubs and restaurants would not serve foreigners “No White, No Blacks”. And I think it’s just as wrong and racist for the Japanese to do so.

        1. Yes, I would be offended. I saw a “no whites” sign on the door of a bar in the gay area of Tokyo. It sucks. The difference is that discrimination of people based on race is wrong. When you’re not sexually attracted to someone of various types, that’s chemistry. Someone tells me that I can’t shop or drink somewhere because of my colour, I find that abhorrent. Someone tells me that they don’t get hard or wet for white boys or Asians, that’s their right. Their body, their choice.

          1. See I agree with you, what he does in his bedroom is his own business.

            But to put it on a public profile and spell it out, at best is tactless, at worse is arrogant and insensitive. It’s like putting out a notice on the front door: “Asians not welcome in the house’. WHY the need to spell it out and piss ppl off?

            I don’t like woman, extremly obese or thin people, people with certain skin conditions, so I need to sell out all of them on a profile?

            Just ignor or a polite ‘no’ if he’s being contacted would be sufficient.

      2. Really? Does he need to spell out he’s also not into:
        – Little green men from Mars
        – Sheeps (I presume)
        – Girls
        – People with a strong body odor
        – Those who only has half a dick

  10. To me the easiest way to determin whether something is racist or not is to replace the race with Black..because if you are raised in western societies esp. north america you have been culturally sensitized to the treatment of African Americans the most. And so if chang his words to “I’m sorry not into blacks”..did your cultural “sensitivity-meter” go up? For me it did..because he is segregating or put it more blatenly discriminating an entire race rather than individual bases which would make sense in regards to attraction. In a nut shell..he is not a blaten racist but is discriminating against 2 races (asian, and south asian)none the less. And if you look into any dictionary for the def. of racism it should be quite clear that this comment is racist.

  11. wow..cant type to day..just noticed a bunch more:P so here’s the revised version:

    1. To me the easiest way to determine whether something is racist or not is to replace the race with Black. Because if you are raised in western societies esp. north America you have been culturally sensitized to the treatment of African Americans the most. And so if change his words to “I’m sorry not into blacks». Did your cultural “sensitivity-meter” go up? For me it did. Because he is segregating or put it more blatantly discriminating an entire race rather than individual bases which would make sense in regards to attraction. In a nut shell. He is not a blatant racist but is discriminating against 2 races (Asian, and south Asian) nonetheless. And if you look into any dictionary for the def. of racism it should be quite clear that this comment is racist.

  12. The correct way to go about it is list what you ARE into. not what you’re NOT into. Then if say an Asian or whatever that person ISN’T into hits you up, you just don’t respond.

    But to go around and post a profile that says “NO ASIANS.” etc basically brings back those days of seeing signs for “NO COLOREDS”. I mean for Christ’s sake, everyone is entitled to their own preference.

    I have my own likes and dislikes but I don’t post stuff like “NO FATTIES!” or “SORRY, NOT INTO LATINO.” I leave it broad and then is it at MY discretion as to who I choose to respond to.

    It’s usually white guys who are so callous about posting which races they AREN’T into. It doesn’t make them racist, but it does make them socially ignorant. Get a fucking clue is what I say to all these douchebags who do post classless profiles like this and have some tact.

  13. Well, I agree with you about the sensitivity of posting in your profile those kind of comments. I think it would be better not saying anything at all, and if you are not interested in the guy, you can just tell him that you are not attracted to him, not mentioning race or whatever.

    By the way, couldn’t the one running this website be sued for posting someone else’s picture AND saying/implying that that person is a racist. I know Grindr’s profiles are public domain, but not uploading the picture and accusing someone of being racist.

  14. Well… at least he’s honest about his racial preferences. Makes it easy to avoid (I’m Asian myself), rather then those self-righteous ones who practice it covertly.

    It’s a fine line between preference and racism, a slippery slope given that one can extend sexual preference into friendship into who you accept as a human being.

  15. There are just so many fucksticks out there falling back on the old “it’s only a preference” argument. We understand it’s a sexual preference. It’s just that saying “no Asians or no Indians” is the most vulgar and insensitive way of expressing your sexual preference and only shows total ignorance on the part of the DOUCHEBAGS who write it.

  16. I like bears only and around my age, and I don’t like to be in bed with a black guy, but my best friend is a black drag queen who only likes black guys, does that make us racist, and does that make me femephobe?

  17. To Jay : the douchebag in question is an AUSTRALIAN. The reference is to OZZY guys as in AUSSIE GUYS. Not Ozzy Osborne. Just thought I’d clarify that for you because you’re completely off the track there

  18. I have to put in my two cents… I know the guy, I was gobsmacked by all this… he is a reasonable, accepting, honest, sincere fella.

    Is he a racist – no way.

    I cannot judge any of you for your opinions, or have any idea from where they come.

    The dude doesn’t like to fuck asians or indians – neither do I, I also dont like to fuck chicks / dogs / obese people / really skinny people / or people with really small dicks, or really gaping sloppy holes.

    And I am sure I have a lot of features that turn other guys off me, and thats OK!!!!!!

    The problem is there are quite a number of people, that consistently fall into particular ethnic groups, that will so often refuse to take no for an answer, and keep hounding and touching and groping, despite any attempts to politely tell them ‘no thankyou’

    The same goes on grindr – i might get one message from most of you guys, and i will reply in my time, yet they are other people that chose to send me 25 messages, even after i have told them I am not interested. So this is a cultural difference ? I guess so – I do not know any other way to deal with it…

    If any of you do, please tell me.

    I am certain that 2 things are not wise – A) leading people that you are not interested in just to be polite and pander to their insecurities. B) Actually hooking up with them for sex / dates – whatever – would be hypocritical and destructive….

    So what do you all suggest – please ? I am honestly after feedback here….

    All I can see is that its all about SEXUAL PREFERENCE.

    I know and have a shitload of respect for a lot of people of ALL cultures in my community. buuuut – in some cases i’d rather be friends than fuckbuddies.

    If that makes me a douchebag too, in your eyes then so be it.

    Why is everyone so keen to judge one another so fast without even knowing them these days.

    My suggestion, If you’re on grindr to look for your perceived “douchebags” to post here – you’re on for the wrong reasons. You know that. Its also very disrepectful to publicly denegrate someone like this, without their knowledge.

    I’m not perfect by any means, but this whole website is a joke, and typical of bitchy queens who aren’t getting laid and have nothing better to do than bring each other down. No wonder we’re falling to pieces left right and centre.

    1. Bloody hell?

      Again I ask, are Asians QUEUEING UP to try get his attention or something?

      If he does not get hard for Asians, then don’t reply to their msgs? How hard can that be? Certainly easier than having to type out what he does NOT like.

      It’s cool to state what you DO like, but to spell out NOT INTO, just screams prejudice.

      And on that note, why such selective state? There are fucking HOT men from every race. Open your eyes a little bit, maybe the chance of getting some amazing sex will increase.

      1. yes. i also use grindr in australia and yes generally asian guys are extremely persistent, and some are annoying as hell in not taking ‘sorry, not interested’ for an answer. in the space of 5 minutes can send ‘hi’ several times without a response. especially in Sydney. i get a shitload of msgs every day from asian guys. so yes, asians are queueing up to get this guys attention too.

        blocking profiles is a solution but the more profiles you block the slower grindr becomes

        i don’t have ‘no asians’ on my profile. i think its better to state what you are into in the limited space grindr allows

        Aj i agree with everything you say. sure it’s impolite, but it’s sexual preference and not racism

    2. You do know there is a BLOCK button on there for spammers like you described right? Try it, it works pretty nicely.

    3. “he is a reasonable, accepting, honest, sincere fella.”

      You for to add…”If you’re white.” Glad you two dumbasses are in Oz an not where I am. Stay there, will ya. 🙂

  19. Oh, and can someone please explain to me what a hairhopper is? call me ignorant – thats fine. I just really do not understand that term, apart from as it appears in urban dictionary. Am i missing something?

  20. If he likes every middleeastern man he can say “Im attracted to middleeastern”, and not into Asians indicates he doesn’t into any Asian guy. The problem is the generalization of individuals and stereotyping.
    Of course we cant word in such an accurate way as to life is more dogma than enjoying. So most of the time, stereotypes of good feature gets accepted, but stereotypes of undesirable for a certain group people becomes -ist. This guy maybe just want to show honesty, but he is hurting people by stereotyping, which is racist according to the feel of targeted listeners.

  21. I think it’s time ppl started using more sensitivity to cultural/racial groups in their profiles. Whenever I’ve mentioned this to men on grindr I’ve been shot down in flames by each and every one of them no matter how delicately I try to present my arguments to them. As a result we now have a name and shame site like this one here, which will eventually educate ppl that the language they are using has consequences. You may know this person and think that he is bot racist and maybe that’s true. But maybe now people like him will start to use less offensive terms and evolve a little.

  22. To ANAUSSIEGUY: what you tried to say in ur really long post was that there is something culturally different about Asians that somehow compels them to send message after message and not get the hint. Well I get a whoe bunch of messages from many different races on grindr and for every Asian male who doesn’t get the point theres a White guy who doesn’t get the point either. So I think you should keep the generalisations because they are not based in fact and only serve to make you look like a racist too

    1. True. I get persistent people contacting me. I don’t see any commonality among them other than they are probably all a little neurotic. He tries to make it a race issue. That tells you where he’s coming from.

  23. He’s attracted to Middle Eastern guys but not Asians? I thought the Middle East was in Asia? lol just knit-picking. Also, he has really deep wrinkles around his mouth.

    The problem here is simple. List what kinda guys you like. That’s it.

    1. ‘Asians’ have flat noses and slanty eyes. Middle Eastenerers have nice eyes/eyebrows and strong, thin noses. They are part of the Caucasian race, while ‘asians’ are mongoloid and have different shaped skulls. Middle Easteners look like white people most of the time with a tan. If you go to Syria or Lebanon you will see the ones who have green eyes. Indians and Asians are short with flat noses and wide shaped skulls. They also have higher body fat genetically and tend to have round faces and less chiseled features. Everyone knows that white men are the most attractive and you are just angry that white men don’t want you. I would not be offended if a asian wrote “no white guys” on his profile. I would not be offended if EVERY race rejected me, since I consider my own kind to be most attractive anyway, which is why I’m not offended. If you went for your own race and kind of people, then there would be no issue. As a white person, I think White, Middle Eastern, and Latino can all be attractive. But Asians and Indians are the least attractive races imo. Blacks are okay if they are more muscular and not extremely dark. Social experiments have shown that humans tend to be most physically attracted/connected to those who share similar physical characteristics, which is why I am most attracted to other caucasians (which includes whites, middle easterns, and spaniards). Also, Russia is part of Asia. Does that make Russian people “Asian”. You know what he means. And Asians means Korean/Chinese/Japanese (e.t.c), not anything else. Even Indians are in Asia, but I do not consider them “asian”

  24. Also, does anyone find it strange that to him Ozzy = white? Australia is a multicultural country where Aussies can be of any race or ethnic background. That he conflates Aussie with white tells you ALL you need to know about him.

    1. Not to mention the true original “Ozzies” are the Aboriginal people his ancestors casted aside and stole from.

  25. The problem with a lot of Aussie guys – a lot of Aussie people actually – is that they have an island mentality and because the majority are Caucasians – they become ethnocentric as well – thus, they become socially conditioned to think that only White people are culturally and physically superior.

    Add to the fact that they aren’t really welcoming of people whom they deem to be culturally and physically inferior to them (Asians, Indians, etc), they will never get to know (nor care to) how culturally diverse these ethnic groups are (for example, they think all Asians – Chinese, Koreans, Japanese look alike. Similarly they think everyone from India look alike as well – not realizing that India is a multiethnic country. Ask them if they know the difference between a Punjabi and a Tamil.)

    Seriously, when these white Aussies say they are friends with minorities – ask them if they’re actually good friends with them – as in do they hang out together; if they’ve gone to each other homes; gotten to know the culture, etc. My bet is the ‘friendship’ is very superficial.

    So, like someone said earlier on – this is about the white privilege POV. A group of people who THINK and BELIEVE they are the most desirable race; culturally and physically superior; the majority; culturally ignorant of other races and people; and also unforgivably self involved and narcissistic that they don’t have the ability to empathize that their attitude and actions further marginalize the minorities in this country.

    Gay people already face challenges in a heterosexual society but gay MINORITIES face double discrimination with this kind of attitude. Rather than feeling safe and accepted in the few spaces available for gay people – gay minorities are constantly reminded that they are unattractive, undesirable and inferior. So where else are these gay minorities supposed to go to feel socially accepted for who they are?

    Furthermore, this social conditioning of white superiority in Australia affects a large number of second (and third) generation minorities to extent that many do not appreciate their own cultural background and some are embarrassed/ashamed of their cultural/ethnic identity. This where you get those Asians who do not like other Asians – only desperately seeking out for Caucasians for sex, relationships, validation, etc.

    If someone were to ask what is the proof of this white superiority social conditioning – all you have to do is turn on the TV and have a look at the mainstream channels – how many non white faces do you see? Look at the billboards and advertising around the city – how many non white faces do you see? How many non white people hold highly visible and powerful positions in Australia? What are the chances that there will be a non white PM anytime soon?

    Despite my rather long comment – all these ethnocentric or racist Aussies will not respond to these issues. They will not respond because they do not and will not deal with these issues. After all, why should they question the status quo?

    1. Yes, up until recently (1973!) Australia had an extremely racist immigration policy that was rooted in white supremacy. Only whites could immigrate to the country. And their treatment of the original inhabitants was horrible. I am guessing that these mentalities still persist through the generations even to today. Maybe it’ll take another generation (or two) for them to be rid of this mindset. Who knows?

      I am from the US, where there are lots racial issues, historically and otherwise. But I think people here are more a bit honest and candid in dealing with them, and try not to sweep them under the rug so much.

    2. Oh my God! What a load of SHIT!
      Way to stifle all frustration at your crap – if you don’t address every one of my points, you’re legitimising what I say.
      Fact: Australia allows thousands of migrants from all over the world to enter it every year and become citizens; China, India, Indonesia, etc. – these countries that are the source of migrants to Australia DO NOT permit this.
      Fact: Australia has laws protecting everyone; if a white person suffers discrimination in most of the world, the authorities’ response is “but you’re white, you don’t come from here, so what?”
      Fact: I don’t like white boys – okay, it’s your preference; I don’t like non-white boys – OH MY GOD! RACIST!

      The bloke in this photo DOESN’T GET IT ON WITH ASIANS! This doesn’t mean he beats them up in the street, wont’ shop at their establishments, eat food cooked by them or be mates with them. Why the HELL do you or anyone else feel the need to attack someone because they state in a profile – on an application that is notoriously shallow – what they are not attracted to. My GOD he even says “SORRY” that he isn’t attracted.

      Are you trying to guilt trip him into sex?
      Oh, I bet this is what happens! Someone who isn’t attracted to a certain type is told by people from that ‘type’ that if they don’t put out, they’re racist. Got ya! Way to rape. Wonderful.

      1. Why do you have to confuse individuals with goverment?

        Some Asian countries have the worse governing body/ is ruled by dictators, while Australia is democratic.

        Just because the Australia goverments has an enlightened stance on immigration does not mean some INDIVIDUAL Australians are NOT racists.

        Has laws protecting everyone does to equal to no resentment towards immigrants!

        Asian countires have shit goverments, but most of the people are genuinely nice, when you visit there, you are treated as guests and welcomed. While in Australia, the goverment maybe accepting, but you visit some regional areas and you get “Chinkys go home”. Classy.

        Guilt trip him? He’s not a bad looking fella but thanks, I have a hot boyfriend (who is white btw), I have been with for 8 years. So no thanks.

        1. It’s open season on Australia here and I’m more than happy to defend the place. Individuals from everywhere are racist. I reckon Australia is among the most accepting. There are racial problems here and not in many Asian countries purely because Australia has opened itself up. Also because in Australia such problems are talked about. Who speaks for the abused Filipinos in Hong Kong or the Koreans in Japan?

          If you have a boyfriend of eight years, why are you happy to attack someone who’s trying to find one for himself?

          To equate racism with someone not being turned on by members of various races is wrong. I know white guys who aren’t into white guys, white women who only sleep with black men, Asians who don’t sleep with Asians because it’s not their thing, not their preference and doesn’t satisfy them; they’re not the people whom they wish to share their bodies with. And you and others dare attack them for that.

          1. What he does in his bedroom is his own business, I am not saying he can’t sleep with whomever he choose.

            But he HAS taken it to a public place by stating his NOT INTO on his public profile. so I guess the ‘public’ can comment on it as they see fit.

            It’s like someone posting a note on their door so everyone on the street can see it: “Asians NOT welcome in this house.” Maybe it’s true but why he feel the need to PUT IT THERE?

            BTW pointing fingers at others being racist does not shed one’s own resposibilities. There are racist Asians, like there are racist blacks, whites and latinos. That does not make any individual less rasist when pointed out.

            P.S> I actually agree with you he is NOT a racist in the broad sense, however I still think he is a douche (hence the name of the site).

    3. And Asians are never racist?? I know plenty of the bo-legged little buggers who are! Come on, Azuli

  26. I’m with AJ on this. I’ve yet to see anyone explain how having a racial preference is substantially different from stating you’re not attracted to overweight, older, or hairy men. I don’t see a cause for hurt feelings here, much less for labeling him a racist. It could be that he is actually racist, but in the absence of more information, you should accept that he just doesn’t find (the mental picture he has of the average) Asian guys physically attractive. If he’d said he wasn’t into black guys (lol, and if I found him attractive), I’d be thankful to him for saving me wasted time, and keep it moving.

  27. i think its probably best not bothering to try to change the attitudes of AJ and Jacob – they simply do not get it! They continue with the same tired old lame argument of “its just a sexual preference”, and will not accept that the way this sexual preference is presented to the world in profiles like this is vulgar, ignorant, and an insult to others. I have a sneaking suspicion either AJ or Jacob is actually the guy in the pic! I am a white Australian, and I see the discrimination against non-white gay men in this country EVERYWHERE. People like the guy in the profile perpetuate this discrimination , whilst sleep-walking through life with stupid grins on their faces and ecstasy tabs up their butts, carelessly unaware of the difficulties their close-minded, uneducated attitudes cause others. Whilst we cannot change the ignorant attitudes of these morons, we can just simply have the last laugh that they have been outed and shamed for their ignorance on this site. HOORAY!!!!!

    1. AJ is the prime of example of colorblind clueless white privilege male. They feel they are entitled to their opinion because of he is white, that non whites can’t call it out.

      Just a sexual preference? LOL. Imagine if corporates start doing ‘only asians’ to work because they believe asians are hard working. Or filter hiring based on racial background.

      AJ and like the rest who keep spewing ‘its just a sexual preference’ are lacking of racial awareness.

      Whoever filters people based on racial background, regardless if its ‘sexual attraction’, they have built a prejudiced lense and mind toward certain of groups. That includes with other minorities as well.

      AJ probably never finish sociology class, hence the ignorant attitude.

      1. Again you have taken sexual attraction and turned it into active on-the-street bigotry. You’ve put the bedroom into the workplace.

        1. Finish your sociology class and acknowledge your white-privilege syndrome.

          If you filter people based on race – it is racist, hence the word race.


    2. No, you will never change the attitude of us morons. Some of us will always belief “my body, my choice” runs true. You’ll also be disappointed to know that I’m a sexist. That’s right. I state that I am not into chicks. I’m also an ageist as I state that I don’t want to get with guys old enough to be my father. I also won’t get with intellectually handicapped. There must be an ism for that.

      1. You should state clearely on your profile ALL these facts and spell it out for them.

        So you know, none of the unwanted will try to dare to bother you.

  28. Seriously guys – why do you even bother responding to people like AJ?
    It’s so obvious he’s a narrow-minded bigoted troll. If he really wanted to engage in a thoughtful and genuine discussion/debate on this issue, he wouldn’t have respond in the manner that he has – which is dismissive, defensive and emotional.

    He is entirely irrational when he starts ignoring certain points we have made, misconstruing some of them and then proceeds to make baseless claims/accusations. We’re discussing this on the net for God’s sake – it’s so easy to find info to support/refute whatever claims made here.

    For example, he claims that China, India, Indonesia do not permit migrants /foreigners to apply for citizenships? A quick Google/Wiki search will show that this is not true (Wiki China/Indian/Indonesian nationality law).

    As for the claim that in Australia everyone is protected but elsewhere white people are not – I’m not gonna bother researching on such a stupid statement but I will comment that in Australia, the White Australia policy existed until 1973 and yes, the Racial Discrimination Act was passed in 1975 that made any form of racial discrimination unlawful but it’s one thing to pass a legislation but how does the government fully and effectively enforce such a law?

    If racial discrimination does not occur, how does one explain this – to get as many job interviews as an Anglo applicant, an Indigenous person must submit 35% more applications, a Chinese person 68% more, an Italian person 12% more, and a Middle Eastern person 64% more applications?*

    And anyone following the footy, would know that in the past few months, several footy players have been racially abused by spectators and fellow players (Google Lance Franklin, Majak Daw, Justin Sherman + racial abuse). Why does this still happen if minorities are equally respected in Australia?

    As for the claim that racial preference is a legitimate sexual preference – time and time again people have said what is wrong with – you cannot lump an entire group of people of various ethnicity/shapes/sizes into one.

    Are you people so culturally/racially geographically ignorant not to realize that Asians not only includes East Asians (Chinese/Koreans/Japanese/Mongolians) but also South East Asians(Cambodians/Laotians/Burmese/Thai/Vietnamese/Filipino/Malays/Indonesians/Bruneians/East Timorese)???

    While some of these ethnic groups look similar some of them look completely different – so how could possibly lump them all into the same group unless you have some set of racial prejudice/stereotypes against them such as ‘Asians have small dicks’ or ‘Asians are submissive or pushy’ or ‘Asians are all hairless twinks, etc’

    The same goes if someone were to racially discriminate against blacks, Latinos and whites – there are various ethnic groups within these races that it is wrong to lump them all together as well.

    And now AJ is claiming that we are saying that they are not entitled to choosing what they want for their body – no one here has said that. You can do whatever you want but you have to admit that basing your attraction or preference on race is by that definition is indeed an act of racism because you consider certain races more attractive ergo more superior than others. Here’s a link to one definition of racism and see whether I’m right or not – http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racism

    These people are trying so hard to justify their arguments and actions because they refuse to admit that they are indeed guilty of ethnocentrism and are possibly racist (get a clue man – there are various levels of racism – you’ve got your hardcore Nazi/KKK racists to the closet PC-aware racists).

    People who are truly non-racists make no racial distinctions among people – not in society nor among friends, not in the workplace nor in the bedroom. They see everyone regardless of race, religion and creed as unique individuals who possess their own set of physical attributes, features and characters.

    1. Great post. But sometimes it is tough to challenge with a clueless-white-privilege-ignorant-colorblind twat like AJ.

  29. Hear hear Azulmelb!! Unfortunately AJ still can’t get through his head that it’s not the actual preference that’s the problem, it’s the vulgar and hurtful way it is expressed on these profiles that is the problem. But blah blah blah he won’t allow himself to understand it and every response he makes only continues to show how blindly ignorant he is and will remain!

    1. Actually, the actual preference is a problem because it is based on a racial prejudice and the way this preference is expressed is another problem as well because it is offensive and tactless.

      I think that’s what we’re trying to point out here.

      BUT these people can do whatever they want because it’s a free country after all and it’s their prerogative to be racist or insensitive douchebags.

      They’re denying that they are racist while we are trying to educate them that some of these guys could be racist and should admit to it or some of these guys are somewhat racist but they don’t realize it.

      So, what we’re saying is if you’re racist, then admit you are racist – don’t insult us and the people you are offending by denying it and saying, “It’s a sexual preference”.

      And for those who genuinely think it’s not racist and had no intention of offending anyone, we’re saying, hear us out and consider what we are saying and why we’re saying it. If you are sincere about understanding this issue, then stop and listen without being defensive. Let’s have a proper dialogue on the matter…

  30. I agree the racial preference is a problem but the solution to that lies in the way children are socialised. Once socialised to be attracted to a specific racial stereotype it’s almost impossible to undo. Which is why i dont hold a grudge against people who are only attracted to one race or another. I am one of those people too and I cannot change who I’ve been socialised to be attracted to. However there is a massive difference between being attracted to only one race and the expression of this attraction is such a vulgar, exclusive fashion

  31. I agree the racial preference is a problem but the solution to that lies in the way children are socialised. Once socialised to be attracted to a specific racial stereotype it’s almost impossible to undo. Which is why i dont hold a grudge against people who are only attracted to one race or another. I am one of those people too and I cannot change who I’ve been socialised to be attracted to. However there is a massive difference between being attracted to only one race and the expression of this attraction is such a vulgar, exclusive fashion

  32. I’m curious to why some of us have such strict diet?

    I have seen amazingly hot guys from every part of the world (we are only 1 single race so I won’t even use ther term races of people)

    I mean come on
    Asian: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_q5xZCfCYrLA/S7LORJXnF8I/AAAAAAAAABE/keB5L6Z8M98/s320/Rain.jpg




    And on and on.

    If any of these donlt get your dick hard then so be it.
    I guess for the rest of us it is our gain to be blessed with such diversity in hotness.

  33. Way to create a fracas fellas…

    I am in awe of the time and effort you’ve all put into your comments.

    Regardless all the above, I think this site is a pathetic joke, I cannot believe I stumbled onto it. But I understand its nature – kind of like ‘regretsy’.

    I.E. – Lets take the piss out of someone without their knowledge – because it helps us escape our own insecurities, and adds some meaning or purpose to our bland lives.

    enjoy – seeya.

  34. I just want to say that this is the REAL AJ and that the jackhole who hijacked my name and is making excuse for this asshole douche is NOT me. I totally think this guy is a racist asshole.

  35. Whether every individual’s sexual tastes are informed by prejudices or not is unknowable. We’re all attracted to some characteristics and not others, based on gender, age, body size and shape, and for some, ethnicity. While we can question how that last comes about, having a preference for people who look a certain way is not in itself malicious.

    How can someone express an interest in what he wants on Grindr without being derogatory to those who don’t match his desires? Maybe it would be more polite (and effective) to say, instead of the revolting “I don’t like feminine men or men of color” to say “Masculine white guys turn me on”?

    I think the problem here is one of manners more than desires.

  36. Oops, forgot one thing. I’ve visited Australia and found the Ozzies to be really lovely. I’ve also noticed that just like here in the States, there are plenty of Australians of color. If an Australian uses “Ozzy” to mean Australians of Anglo descent, maybe he should have a closer look at his countrymen.

  37. Thank you all for the insightful comments. Racism is when you deny to view others as individuals, but rather as a monolithic group based on the disgusting Western Eurocentric and Anglo social construct of race. Sadly for the human race, this douche and AJ are unfortunately not open minded enough to see that. He states he’s into middle eastern but nor Indians, but I bet there are people of Indian descent out there whom he’d mistaken as middle eastern. Maybe he’ll learn one day when he finds out the guy with whom he went home the previous night turned out to be Indian and not middle eastern.
    As a Chinese who’s rarely (but still do at times) attracted to other Asians, I never publicly state such or rule anyone out only because they are “Asian.”

    1. you’re a hypocrite. you are judging him for being into his own kind, but yet you don’t even find your own people attractive. You just seek validation from white men. I would not care if every other race wrote “not attracted to whites” on their profiles because I am most attracted to my own people (Caucasians). And Indians look nothing like Middle Eastern people. You are the one who sounds ignorant for saying that. However, all asians look the same even though you claim they all look different based on if they are Korean/Chinese/e.t.c). Middle Easteners have paler skin tones and I’ve seen ones with green eyes. They also have thin manly noses and look more white, since they have caucasian skulls. The ONLY attractive Indians I have seen have been half white. Indians are not Caucasian and they have round faces and are brown colored and have mud-colored skin. They also have flat wide noses which is one of the worst features. They are closer to Asians in ancestry than they are to whites. And sorry, but I’ve never met a white man or woman who finds asian men attractive. So stop seeking validation and being pathetic and GO FOR YOUR OWN KIND. Asians are the WORST. They are SO obsessed with white people and never leave us alone. Blacks and Latinos and Middle Easteners tend to go for their own kind most of the time- which is best. But asians only want white men, and we DON’T want them. You know, every time a flat-nose slanty eyed asian tries to seek out a pretty blonde blue-eyed white girl, he is contributing to white genocide. Then there will be no white people for him to obsess over. And the world is already over 60% asian. We don’t need more of you ugly losers

  38. Wow, 95+ comments. This guys isn’t that hot to merit this type of response. So he’s not into Asians. No one should even care. Asians are racists themselves, until it affects them…then it’s just terrible. Whatever. The guy can have his preferences.

    1. Asians are more racist than whites. They are so obsessed with us, yet they don’t even find their own people attractive. They find every race ugly except for whites, yet they expect white people to find THEM attractive, or we get labelled as”racist”. They know they are the ugliest race, which is why they are so self-loathing and “aren’t attracted to other asians” as many of the bitter asians have previously admitted.

  39. I think its only fair to call this guy racist once his “No Asians” policy filters to other parts of his life, not just his sexual conduct. Until then, its a preference.
    Martin is quite right: it just comes across better to state what you are into, not what you don’t like. Its all in the delivery.

  40. Okay. So maybe he’s racist, and maybe he’s not.

    There’s still the issue of why he would, out of all things he could possibly say about himself, he’d say what he’s NOT into. That’s a clear sign of a negative person, racist or not. Still a douche.

  41. I’m a middle class, white guy from Australia who’s traditionally not into sticky rice (which, before I get ripped a new arsehole, is an affectionate term for sex with ‘asians’). I have seen and experienced the behaviour described by someone above where a certain gay minority refuse to take no for an answer and that’s a real turn off for most people.

    Having said all that and having read all the posts above, it seems to me there is a distinct line between being racist and not, in the context of hookup sites/apps like Grindr. It’s pretty simple, you may not want to have sex with a particular group of people but it is the way that is expressed that will show you as racist or not. As mentioned, I’m not particularly looking for sex with asian men BUT I would never state so on my profile, there ARE asian men out there that I find attractive and I don’t want to put down an already ostracised minority within a minority. That’s just rude.

    I feel the water gets much murkier when it comes to issues of sexual attraction that is more personal than what one might or might not put in one’s online profile. Am I not sexually attracted to asian men (in general) because I’m racist? Perhaps but I really don’t think so.. However I’m coming from that stereotypical, privileged, white guy position so it’s difficult to remove myself from that.

    Of course it’s legitimate to not want to have sex with someone. However if you feel the need to generalise by specifying a whole race of people publicly, then I think you’re being racist.

    Sex is between two (or more) individuals. One should be able to determine whether or not that sexual contact occurs based upon the individuals involved, not based upon what race they belong to. I think that’s where racism is involved but much more subtly so.

    So, I agree, this guy is a douche but he probably genuinely believes that he is not – and he may be a real sweetie who just needs someone to kindly point out the fact that he is being a douche. My experience with guys on Grindr, however, leads me to think that is less likely.

    BTW we don’t study sociology at school here, nor philosophy… well, ‘ethics’ classes just started recently in my state but that’s a long and complicated story…

    1. regardlss, you still want to justify that your sexual attraction – no toward asian as if it is NATURAL, that you have the genetic code born to be only attracted to whites, which is BS.

      In term of our sexual attraction toward men, perhaps, it is in our genetic code. ( The nature case ). This so called sexual preference ‘no asian, no blacks, no latinos’ is a prime example of NURTURE case. This sexual attraction by putting people based on racial category is an institutionalized structure that has been constructed over time through prejudiced, bigotry, stereotypes often manifest through mainstream media ( TV, MAGAZINES, ETC many times features white models, actors, white standard of beauty ). As a white man, living in the mainstream, you are accustomed to that and because of the colorblind effect, you do not see that you have developed some sort of pre conceived notion about ‘sexual preference based on race’, you may think a hot asian,black, is NOT GOOD enough because of the white men is on the high pedestal.

      Now, tell me if people argue it is just a sexual preference, how the hell, some asians, blacks or non whites ONLY PREFER WHITE MEN? That is basic self loathing 101. How do they develop this so called sexual attraction? Of course through media and the nurture of white standard beauty. It kills them not being able to relate what they have seen on TV, magazines since their childhood, perusing magazines filled with hot images often exhibiting hot white models ( indirectly, send signals to these already low self esteem non whites to think ‘white is prettier, better etc’ when in fact, not all whites are hot cause there are ugly ones but because the mainstream emphasizes too much on white beauty – no role model from non whites – these naive, gullible, low self esteem asian, black are brainwashed to be attracted toward white men only. (the same can be applied with white men who are accustomed and white washed to see the same images since childhood – but since they are on the privileged pedestal – they do not see this as harmless because they are already cluelessly on the pedestal of privilege, thus, we see many whites try to defend this so called sexual attraction toward certain race as trivial or harmless when in fact it is damaging, divisive and unhealthy).

      So, It is already bad we have a difficult time to point out a well constructed latent racism in ;sexual preference’ among gay communities ( also heteros as well ), but it is also sad and unfortunate that some gay asians, blacks etc also fall into that category – prejudiced against their own race because they have bought and believe the stereotypes often appear on mainstream media.

      Gays yell at straight to ask them for acceptance and see a gay person as an ‘individual’ but then we still have problem among gays that are self loathing and filter people based on racial category, and dismiss to see that an asian person, black etc as an individual. To these white male, even without seeing a pic, if the profile states Asian/blacks, these white males already decide not to talk etc because their mind or memory storage has tons of preconceived notions of prejudiced views, stereotypes on how an asian/black person should look like, without seeing them as an individual.

      BTW, “a certain gay minority refuse to take no for an answer and that’s a real turn off for most people.”
      — this is exactly what I’m talking about – generalizing, stereotyping as if many white males don’t do the same thing. You see this appear alot because they are minority, of course it appears as if all non whites are like that. But if you can take statistics class, based on sampling and numbers – there would be not much different. This is like when right wing crazy ass people try to paint that all BLACKS are on welfare, when the data has shown that the most recipients of welfare are WHITES.

      get educated.

      1. Great post, tripes – I agree with everything you’ve said.

        Though I think you may have used the term colorblind incorrectly? For me, colorblind means someone who’s non racist, someone who doesn’t see racial distinction. See – http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Color-blind
        That’s what we hope these guys to be someday…

        But I get what you mean though about people being blind to the issues affecting minorities and I guess the closest term to describe that is perhaps, blinders? Blinders of white privilege?
        This article uses this term: http://www.dailybarometer.com/forum/racism-and-the-blinders-of-white-privilege-1.2375052

        One blog I found uses, ‘blinders of privilege’ because the bloggers talks about blinders of other privileges such as being male, being rich, being thin, etc. and how these blinders prevented him from seeing the realities faced by the people who didn’t share or given the same kind of privilege he (and others like him) had.

        I kept reading this blog and the blogger goes on to say that “certain groups of people are made to feel more entitled than others, and in such a way that they feel they’ve earned that right. It happens every day, and most of those people involved don’t see that there’s a problem. Sometimes even the ones to whom we feel superior feel that they deserve the treatment they get.”

        He then talks about Peggy McIntosh (perhaps you know her work already?), a feminist and anti-racist activist and an associate director of the Wellesley Centers for Women, who authored an essay on white privilege. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peggy_McIntosh)

        In ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack’, McIntosh describes it like this:

        “I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was “meant” to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools , and blank checks.”

        The blogger offers more analysis on this matter especially when McIntosh list out 50 things that ‘are an everyday occurrence to white people that openly shows their privilege.’ Things you might not even think of, he says. Things such as (and I’ve added some from the essay itself:

        – I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented;
        – I can go into a music shop and count on finding the music of my race represented, into a supermarket and find the food I grew up with, into a hairdresser?s shop and find someone who can deal with my hair;
        – I can easily buy posters, postcards, picture books, greeting cards, dolls, toys, and children’?s magazines featuring people of my race;
        – When I am told about our national heritage or about “civilization,” I am shown that people of my color made it what it is;
        – I can be pretty sure that if I ask to talk to “the person in charge,” I will be facing a person of my race;
        – I am not made acutely aware that my shape, bearing, or body odor will be taken as reflection on my race;
        – I am never asked to speak for all of the people of my racial group;
        – I can worry about racism without being seen as self-interested or self-seeking;
        – If my day, week or year is going badly, I need not ask of each negative episode or situation whether it has racial overtones;
        – I can choose blemish cover or bandages in ?flesh? color and have them more or less match my skin.

        There are more of course and both the blogger and McIntosh gave good analysis and insights on the matter. It certainly gave me a better understanding why Australia is the way it is…

        Read a shorter form of McIntosh’s essay here: http://www.nymbp.org/reference/WhitePrivilege.pdf

  42. I’ve been on this site for about 2 weeks. It’s not just “No Asians.” It’s things like “Don’t MSG me.” which I assume is referring to Chinese food (I’m gettin’ old so I don’t know all the new slangs) – and no “Prease reave me arone.” Sorry. That’s racist. And one or two people saying “No Asians” is sexual preference. Every other profile saying it means that there is something deeper going on. It can’t be that difficult to just block or delete someone. My two cents.

  43. Thanks, I think the guy is an arrogant piece of shit. I know nothing about him personally, but the way he expresses himself in his profile shows all we need to know.

    Like someone else stated, he’s only looking for “OZZY BOYS”. LOL – gee, I’m guessing that’s “anglo-saxon, caucasian, white, etc”? Any one else who isn’t white and is Australian must be second-class citizens I suppose?

    Can you imagine if here in America on all these gay websites, WHITE men start stating in their profiles, “ONLY INTO AMERICAN”? Can you imagine the backlash there would be? For starters, moderators probably wouldn’t allow it. Second, people of all races including white men would see something wrong with it.

    The sad part of all of this is that it seems to be fairly common in the Australian gay community to denounce anyone who isn’t white as second-class members. In general, whites have always had the upper hand. But to think that in the gay community, asians appear to be on the bottom of the totem pole (as is evident from a lot of the profiles posted on this site from white Australian men) makes it downright tragic.

    There certainly are racists in all walks of life, asian, black, latino, white… what’s awful is when we see it within the gay community. No one is saying we should be open to everything. However, I think sensitivity should be applied when we express ourselves. It’s sad when I see profiles like this, it’s almost like the gay rights movement in Australia was powered by and supported for WHITE MEN only. I always wonder when I see ads for Australia tourism in gay magazines here that it’s basically a junket for gay white men? I have absolutely no desire to visit there when I see things like this.

    Maybe it’s the “ozzy boys” tag that irks me the most. I guess I’m just shocked that someone would even post something that stupid, in this day and age. He’s basically showing white superiority in his profile, it’s almost laughable that he’s even into middle eastern. I just don’t get how he couldn’t have just left the first part of his profile up, and not denounced asian/indians in the second part. It’s like he’s clearly drawing the line as to what he considers first class AND second class, maybe not even knowing what he’s doing.

    He’s “35” though, so I can’t cut this fucker any slack. He’s a douchebag and a racist cunt. Sorry, but if this is a representation of “GAY WHITE AUSTRALIA”, then keep it down there thanks!

  44. @ Martin: as an aussie myself all I can say is that Aussie gay men are on the whole just like this douchebag above. They are racist and homophobic and if you try, even politely, to address this they will cut you down. Lets just say it’s very hard to find a decent guy down under

  45. Ajay, time for you to move to somewhere else! I feel your pain man, I’m sorry you have to live in such a racist shithole.

  46. I think Jude might be another one of those self-entitled “Aussies” who can’t understand how expressing racial preferences in this matter can be offensive to others. He’s just another unevolved Anglo Caucasian piglet would be my guess.

    1. Probably. But at least I’m not a gutless wonder resorting to a website whining about how hard done by I am ’cause I can’t get laid… Boo hoo

        1. No tripes.

          I’m not online to name guys on a website because I didn’t get any action, I’m also not whining about how hard done by I am. Some of these guys need to be defended because they have done nothing wrong.

          So they’re impolite, so they could probably word things a little better, who cares? There are bigger issues out there than calling someone on their bad behaviour on a gay hookup site. We’re not talking about dinner with royalty here.

          We’re not solving poverty and world hunger here. We’re talking about your emotions because someone didn’t or won’t sleep with you. It’s called rejection, it happens in life. Suck it up.

          No one has been hurt, killed or maimed by these guys. There are people with bad manners in the world, there are people you don’t like and won’t get along with… Deal with it.

          1. my point. you bitch about others critizing, yet here you are participating the discussion as if you feel better than the rest of the people on here.

            Please. pot calling kettle.

          2. Man. I knew I shouldn’t have switched my major from Psychology in uni cuz people like this really baffles me..!

            How can some people be so stubbornly unreasonable and so lacking in sympathy and empathy?

            If people like Jude or AJ (supposedly fake AJ) or anaussieguy are lashing out because he feels that he’s being attacked for his personal beliefs and practices (being racially prejudiced) – why the pretence of supposedly ‘defending’ others then? Just admit that you have racist views and that you’re unashamed of those views. It’s not like anyone here knows who you really are if you’re afraid of someone dobbing on you (and I doubt the admin would chase after your real identity either).

            (though I think people who indeed have racist views and practice it in their daily lives should be proud and out themselves as such. They should join far right groups that opposes minorities having a voice or even being here (take it or leave it attitude). The tricky bit there is that far right groups equally hate gay people as they do non white people…)

            So stop pretending and just admit that you are like the racist douchebags featured on this site. Then those who’s been engaging with you like tripes can have a proper debate/argument knowing exactly what kinda person you are.

            For anyone like Jude, who may or may not be following this thread, all I can say again is to open your minds a little bit and TRY considering what some of us have been trying to say that sexual preference based on race is racially discriminating and read the arguments given here to know why.

            If you can’t imagine why, then consider that perhaps you’ve been wearing blinders all your lives due to white privilege. Wanna know what I’m talking about, go here:

            And here:

            And for Ozzies, don’t deny the racism (overt or hidden) that exist in Oz. If it didn’t exist, NGOs like this wouldn’t exist either:

            Lastly, Jude – if gay people were being discriminated and oppressed because of their sexuality – would you tell them to stop bitching and whinging and suck it up and deal with it as well?

  47. He probably also stands by his opinion that the term “ozzy boys” strictly references caucasians. Everyone else is not really Australian. To be Australian, one must be white. You think African Americans have had quite the struggle over the years here, I wonder how awful it must be for the indigenous aborigines in Australia who were there before you know who arrived.

  48. I have several aboriginal gay friends (the Faborigines). Ironically, they get more respect than the Asians in the gay scene. The Indians and the Asians are treated with contempt because of an often unconscious perception they are not “masculine” – hence why so many profiles say “str8 acting only, no asians, no indians”. Its the same with this douchebag’s profile, he’s fine with whites and middle eastern guys because of his perception that middle eastern guys are so “masculine” (although i bet this douche would use the term “str8 acting”). The middle eastern gay guys in Australia, due to their upbringing are amongst the most homophobic guys here, which is why so many “Aussie’s” think they’re hot. It’s just a very, very fucked up scene down under.

    1. Well Yuck, perhaps you should learn to love it, change it or leave it… ‘Cause you’re doing nothing for your cause bitching about it.

  49. And another typically pig headed Aussie response – learn to love it or leave. Well mate my family has been here for over 100 years. I love this country. But the ignorant racist pieces of shit make this place a crap place to live. So why don’t YOU leave so the rest of us EVOLVED HUMANS can enjoy this beautiful land. Your self-entitled attitude is revolting.

    1. Yup, that’s the typical ‘island mentality’ I mentioned before. They don’t care if there’s another way or a better way elsewhere – if that’s the way it is in Australia – then take it or leave it.

      Fortunately, there are Australians out there who are trying to make Australia better such as this NGO – All Together Now, whose vision is “an Australia free from racism. We aim to eliminate racist behaviour in Australia through innovative, evidence-based and effective social marketing.” http://www.alltogethernow.org.au/

      Apparently they’ve been running a national campaign to raise awareness and to educate the community about racism. And according to them, racism is “a combination of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, including:”

      – believing your race is superior to another race;
      – offensive or aggressive behaviour towards somebody because of their race;
      – believing some groups do not fit in Australia;
      – actively avoiding or excluding people from a specific cultural background because you believe they don’t belong; or
      – believing everyone should behave according to certain values which are called ‘national’ but are not.

      And racial discrimination is “an extension of racist thoughts or feelings. It is discrimination (i.e. a behaviour or practice) based on a person’s skin colour, cultural heritage or nationality which stops the victim from participating fully in public life. It can take many forms, including exclusion from employment, educational or housing opportunities.”

      (can we use these definitions and apply them to what we have seen on Grindr and from the discussions/arguments on this site?)

      They’ve been working with The Body Shop and Amnesty International and it seems their work is building up some momentum, which is great. Perhaps the gay community should work with them and start dealing with this issue as well?

  50. it is racist and people wasting their limited space stating what they don’t want and offending people is unattractive. On the other side though there are a lot of asian guys in Sydney and I guess thats why so many guys who are not attracted to asian guys here are stating so. I don’t bother with grindr.

  51. This guy lives in Melbourne. Not Sydney. Asians are everywhere. And they have every right to be everywhere just like the rest of us.

  52. All i can say is this guy is a douche for not being OPEN to men of all nationalities. There are a lot of hot guys and if you single out a race and say NO to it because it’s some sort of preference, it’s racist, weird and narrow minded. We all have taste but sexy guys are the ones who can see hotness in all types of dudes.

    It’s sad this guy cant open his mind and realise that putting a block on a nationality is offensive.

    I am embarrassed for him.

  53. Racism aside, are Asians and Indians supposed to feel slighted that this ugly cunt isn’t “interested” in them? Please, these gross “35” year old bottom queen is doing them a favor by not being interested in them. He’s almost the stereotypical “used up and over the hill” looking white person that you see hand in hand with a 20 year old asian guy who doesn’t know any better.

    1. you sound like a slighted Asian/Indian person. All you guys do is seek validation from white men. If you went for your own kind, then this wouldn’t happen. But you know that you people are ugly, which is why you obsess over whites. I would never be offended if every other race wrote “no whites” on their profile, because I am by far most attracted to MY OWN KIND, which is white men. I have seen attractive Latino, Middle Eastern, and black men before, but they cannot compete with the most attractive white men. Also, I have never seen an attractive asian person in my life, and the only attractive Indian I saw was half white. It is not my fault if I don’t find asians attarctive, and I am NOT racist for saying they are unattractive. By the same logic, it would be sexist for me to AUTOMATICALLY write off every single woman in the world by saying I am not physically attracted to women. I do not want to have sex with women or asian men, but that doesn’t mean I treat them like crap or exclude them from other areas of my life. It just means I don’t want to have sex with them. how do you not understand the difference?

  54. Whenever you go to Australia, you feel like it’s “the Asian invasion”. There are literally million of the little buggers running around all over the place.
    What’s ‘grindr’? 🙂
    But seriously, I haven’t used it, I tend to gravitate to 357…
    My two centavos

  55. Disclaimer: I’m in the U.S., so I talk about these issues in relation to America instead of Australia, but they quite mirror each other.

    If someone were to choose their friends by how attractive they were, or by their race, then I’d consider them to be pretty shallow and bigoted because friendship shouldn’t be about the body, but how the two minds mesh. But sexual attraction for most people is based on the looks of the body of the person, which is determined by both environmental and biological factors, not always by choice. The exception would be for people who are attracted to the mental factors of others (i.e. how intellectually/emotionally stimulating one is), and are able to completely disregard any notions of physical attractiveness when choosing a sexual partner.
    The controversy of this topic arises when current social stigmas are factored in. For the most part, when white people are attracted to only other white people, it is considered racist in America by many because Europeans have been the dominant race here since conquering the natives, and the overall treatment of other races by said white people has oftentimes been downright poor. But when a white person is only attracted to, let’s say, black people, then people tend to portray that person as more open minded, even though that same person might not be attracted to Mestizo Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners, etc. It gets even more complicated when you look at examples of people of other races in America who have their own limited attractions. Of course, for all of these examples, keep in mind that there are people who find offensive anyone’s exclusion of any race from sexual attraction, citing it as overt racism.
    Even though racism still lives in America, just by having this dialogue we all become a little less bigoted. In northern Asian countries (China, the Koreas, Japan), their people are the dominant ones and other races are hard to come by. Therefore, in their cultures, their men and women serve as the default, and the beauty standard is geared toward their facial physiology. Because they, unlike Americans, are not as much of a melting pot of different looking ethnic groups, they haven’t even started analyzing the multitude of racist notions in their own beauty standards (and in other aspects of life) as has already happened in America. For instance, many northern Asians in their own countries view white features such as big noses and sunken eyes as quite hideous, seeing their own features as much softer and a prettier sight. Most white people don’t even notice these distinctive features on their own faces, but Asians do (and remember that northern Asians have the same “white” skin tone as northern Europeans, not “yellow” as they are commonly stereotyped in the U.S.; the only difference is facial structure and sometimes hair/eye color and texture). So in a sense, Americans of all races are much less racist now than many people in northern Asian countries, especially among the youth, because even though many still have narrow sexual attractions to one race, they are willing to share friendships with people of any look, basing that criteria only on whether the other person is a good friend or not. And of course, America still has its old fashioned full fledged racists that we all should ostracize!

  56. I look at it like this: I am gay, but yet I can still see when a girl is attractive without being attracted to her myself. I am also a Mexican-American attracted to white men, yet I can see an Asian, African, or Middle Easterner, and other Mexican men and know that they’re physically attractive to other people without having those same feelings myself. If I could give all of my sexual love to the good people out there who I’m not attracted to now, and base my sexual decisions on who the person is on the inside, then it might be nicer and less shallow because unattractive people have relationship value too. But I can’t: I’m simply not attracted to women, fat men, old men, and many other perfectly good members of the human race. Does that mean that I’m sexist, weightist, ageist, etc? Sexual attraction to the body itself is shallow.
    I’m not really defending this guy, but when people make blanket statements about issues like racial preference, they are criticizing everyone they consider to fall into their opposing category. Now, anyone who just doesn’t want to have sex with someone because of how they look must have something against their rejected as a whole. Not wanting to have sex with an obese person is the SAME issue as racial preference (social stigmas are attached to that argument too) but their is much less flack for this sort of “prejudice” because it is more socially acceptable, especially among gays. Racism isn’t, so some people rejected sexually on the basis of how they look ethnically are quick to point fingers and call the other a racist. Who here, besides a few daddy chasers, would have sex with an 80 year old man with 4 strands of hair and dentures, especially if he isn’t rich? Most people find that repugnant and wouldn’t try to find out the social stigmas attached to that sexual prejudice, but since race is a hot button issue in Western countries, people are quick to judge without really knowing the full list of “whys” about this whole situation.
    When you say that attraction is completely based on societal bullshit and has no biological basis at all, you are saying to me that my attraction to white men as a Mexican is unnatural; that I SHOULD be attracted to other Mexicans and the fact that I’m not is completely based on societal pressure. Could it possibly be that I’m Mestizo, a mix of Spaniard and Native American, and that maybe the European side of my genetics thrives in the U.S., where the majority of people are White?

  57. Maybe if I lived in Mexico, I’d find White people less attractive and other Mestizos more attractive, because they are the MAJORITY there. Sexually, the majority means that there are simply more people to choose from.

  58. I’m a mid 20s asian guy living in australia (born and grew up there) and all too often I see these type of profiles. The funny thing is, when I go to clubs I get hit on ALOT by white men in their 20s. Its really odd because then I cant understand what whites have in their head that is stereotypical asian.

  59. I don’t think he’s a douche. He’s not attracted to Asians or Indians and he says “I’m sorry”, which sounds pretty courteous to me compared to the ubiquitous “Asians get blocked”.

  60. WOW she’s sexy – but still a douche regardless of the endless war this poster got. Why? Its the way he words it. I’m sorry is patronising.

  61. there’s a lot of insensitive guys in australia and they rationalise their “no asian” as a preference. instead of saying what they want they opt to go for what they do not like.

    it’s just sad.

  62. It’s now 2014, I’m still a white Australian and I’m still wildly in love with an effeminate Chinese guy who looks like an Asian version of E.T. We have been consuming each other in bed since 2009. May he never change.

  63. He’s neither a douche nor a racist. He knows exactly who and what makes him happy, and if you’re not on his list, so what?
    Man up and get over it.

  64. As usual Sadam misses the point
    I love life but don’t wanna share it with aborigines black guys any type of Asian?
    Just filter these guys out -or politely say not interested?

    1. Trent, you’ve missed the point, which is that he’s not looking for your permission/approval for how he lives, with whom or how he states his desires for either.

  65. Change the comments Adam so boring
    Mind you so are huge.long paragraphs re racism I don’t cone here to be educated thanks! Just for the snark!

  66. Rove me wrong . In such a rush to regurgitate the usual message !
    I bet Adam was furiously pacing around his trailer waiting for this website to reopen!!
    Love life ..Indian and Arabic guys can look very similar.

    1. Indian guys are generally unattractive and have a mud-colored skin-tone with flat, wide noses. They are not part of the “caucasian race”. Middle Easteners have large thin noses and look like a white person with a tan. The ones in Lebanon can be quite pale, and I have seen many with green eyes. The women there are especially beautiful- I can admire beauty without wanting to have sex with the person. I have never seen an Indian with light skin, a thin nose, or green eyes before. Indians are not included in the Caucasian race, and they are biologically more similar to Asians. They have wide skulls and flat noses, like asians, and are lumped in with them in the US census. While Middle Easteners, Greeks, and Italians are classified as Caucasian, they do not look like “aryans” and they have the “Mediterranean” look. I have never seen a Mediterranean looking Indian man before. As a white man who was born in Russia, and has traveled and lived throughout Europe, has traveled to the USA, Middle East, Australia, Latin America, Asia I can say that after being exposed to all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, I only consider Whites, Middle Easterners, Mediterranean men, and Latino men to be attractive. I have never been attracted to an asian man in my life, and the only decent looking Indian man I met was half white.

      1. Green eyes have nothing to do with being white. Chimpanzees (whom humans evolved from) commonly possess green and greenish brown eyes. It’s one of the original human eye colors. The only true European eye color is blue.

        Yes, the vast majority of Indians have wide noses and round faces, but you are wrong about the “mud-colored skin comment.” Many Indians – actually the majority of Indians – have lighter brown or medium brown skin. Dark brown Indians are a minority. And dark brown skin is beautiful btw. I would take it any day over pinkish white skin with wrinkles and a zillion fine lines by the age of 22.


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