21 thoughts on “I am the beginning and the end; The douche and the bag.”

  1. Really, what are you? a dumb 11 yo girl attempting to sound profound?

    Pretty embarrassing…Not that attractive and stupid as a donkey *sigh*

  2. I didn’t look this old at 24. Maybe lots of cigarettes and/or meth? His profile I don’t know what to make of it. More creative then the typical ‘no fats, fems, etc.’ Still lame and retarded though.

  3. well use some of that power to power scrub that face. Pockets from bad acne! needs laser resurfacing Tons and Tons of blackheads fucking gross

  4. I don’t know if it makes him more or less douchey, but this is a quote from a comic book, although he might have heard it by way of a popular new video game, MvC3. Don’t know if hooking up with him would be as unpleasant as hooking up with Dark Phoenix–one time she ate a star and killed a hundred billion people.

  5. This actually isn’t as douchey as it may seem if he really meant this as the quote from the comics. It’s a pretty good signifier of his geekdom and is validly so to other knowing geeks. Undouche for my vote!

  6. A bit harsh, you think? As others have said, it’s a quote from a comic book/videogame. As a huge fan of that particular character, this would definitely catch my attention.

  7. I remembered that handy-man simpletons came before he did, and their prowess caused them to survive for a long time. Also, after the sun swallows the Earth (or perhaps when a comet/asteroid hist the Earth), “Fire” will definitely be the chaos he see’s over him…

    Maybe he needs to re-evaluate his position in the hierarchy of power. =\

  8. Jesus Christ, you ‘guys’ are truly some of the most pathetic douches whose posts I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading.
    Even an X-Men quote send you all into infantile, effeminate rages.
    No wonder you’re alone…and always will be.


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