20 thoughts on “Douche Lister”

  1. Well if the “A List” includes Vulcans who have had plastic surgery to remove the tips on their ears, then make it so number one.

    1. OMG just now I told someone above how I could not stop laughing at their comment but u literally brought tears out of my eyes from laughing so much.

  2. This guy is ridiculously hot, even if he has forgotten about the amelioration of the Natives and found it easier to assimilate with shallow, white, gay men.

  3. I think you all are misreading his headline. He’s not saying he belongs on the A list. He is saying that he lisps (which comes out sounding like “list”)

  4. He’s not a douche. He’s right about being out of your league.
    Your responses help make that pretty clear, too.:)

    1. His ears? Seriously?
      You may want to follow your advice, if you’re too busy being embittered/feeling rejected to know what a plus big ears are on certain men.
      God bless ya, keep on deflecting, since you can’t prove me wrong.:)


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