16 thoughts on “Don’t be a gay just be a douche.”

  1. I think this guy has been misunderstood. By saying “Don’t be gay”, he isn’t telling us that guys who act gay are undesirable. I think he may be saying that being gay is too difficult, and that it would be easier not to be. It’s advice, not judgement, the subtext being that we can’t control our sexuality, and our difficulties are thus imposed upon us by something out of our control.
    Its an existential statement about man’s impotence, that he is powerless in the face of his circumstances and must accept his lot in life while being given no say in what that lot amounts to.

    1. I guess in his case, it amounts to him being torn between regretting his circumstances and trolling for cock in iPhone Land.

      I guess it DOES take diff’rent strokes to rule the world. *places index finger to lip in an ‘look, I’m being thoughtful!’ stance*

    2. Haha that’s a fantastic reading of it – so glad you’ve given us a theoretical framework with which to understand this complex young man!

    3. Ben,
      You’ve wasted your time.
      Neither intellectualism nor common sense work with this crowd.
      They’re too busy being ‘butt-hurt’ about being rejected by one of the most attractive men whom they’ll ever see.

  2. Ok, he’s easy on the eyes, but pretty on the outside and conceited on the inside has a definite sell-by date.

    Relax the attitude, cuz as the years add up, you’ll find that NOBODY likes OLD and douchey.

  3. Maybe if you haters took time to read the rest, then you’d get his ‘message’ but I guess you can’t read whilst high on… whatever..

  4. He’s not a douche. He’s just smart enough to know that bitchy, miserable, effeminate “guys” like you are major turn-offs, and he doesn’t want to waste his time.


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