21 thoughts on “Disco, Disco Douche”

  1. So I’ve met him, he’s a nice guy. Take the profile for what it is, a NON serious picture, meaning his text should also be taken as non serious!

  2. @DB: Then perhaps he needs to stop backflushing his system with whatever noxious beverage caused him to write it in the first place, and write something “nice” as you so claim he is capable of.

    The only thing I take from that picture is that he’s so fucking clueless as to what a douche he looks like.

  3. He’s that guy at the bar that you makes you say to your yourself, “He’s cute. Too bad he’s puking between those two cars in the parking lot.” Or maybe, “He’s cute, Too bad he’s trying to pick a fight with the video game machine.” Or, “He’s cute. Too bad he’s face down in the urinal.”

  4. DB is easily amazed it seems. Douche sore as she think’s she’s amazing, but denial tends to rule when alcohol is consumed – or in her case without it.

  5. Obviously, he’s being sarcastic, but you “guys” are so miserable(and used to being rejected), you’ll “lash out” and anyone.lol
    Sucks to be you.

  6. I love this guy!
    Adam your hi-larious insight into what these guys want is opposed by your complete lack of irony! U must be a Yankee


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