22 thoughts on “Dis-Ease Douche”

  1. I dunno…but if it were me, I’d stop by at the doctor. It looks like there’s something really messed up going on with that hair line. Disease maybe?

  2. Is what we’ve been missing a tan that stops where your hairline should be (ie an inch short of your actual hairline)?

  3. Rihanna & Tyra’s long lost fiveheaded sister. She clearly came out the spaceship. Photoshop to death clearly. Sorry sweety there’s not enough filters in the world.

  4. Dude what you are missing is a hairline. Its receding like the lakes in Texas during a drought.

    That “product” in your hair looks HORRIBLE>

  5. He’s not a douche, and your bitchy responses to his rejection/challenge validate it.
    You’re all so…clever.:)


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