Racist Douche

In other words, no blacks.

16 thoughts on “Racist Douche”

  1. Lol just cuz someone doesn’t like speaking as though they are severely retarded (ebonics) doesn’t make them racist

    1. As someone who is well versed in both, Ebonics isn’t easy to decipher. A lot of the slang is based on regional dialect, cultural dissonance and quick witted riddles. Learn before you judge.

  2. but making a generalized statement about entire racial group based on a personal opinion is… Many could say the same about white trailer trash, or immigrants for that matter… it’s pathetic dude… Gays clearly have acceptance issues… and You’re misusing racist, go get a dictionary.

  3. It’s cool that he doesn’t speak ebonics, but he should speak to someone about those eyebrows, and that goatee’s failure to connect ALL THE WAY AROUND his mouth. Ewww. As Pee Wee would say, “La La La-La, Connect the Dots…”

  4. I’m black and I don’t speak ebonics (also known as “African American Vernacular English,” or “AAVE”). I use standard American English with proper grammar, punctuation, and pronunciation. I prefer those who are able to do the same. This guy isn’t a de facto racist just because he prefers to communicate is standard English. Your desire to paint him as such is missing a logical step. Your (the poster’s) commentary is more reflective of internal racial issues that you seem to be projecting…

    1. I think that the administrator’s issue-projecting may have been the reason for this site’s creation, considering who gets called a ‘DB’…

  5. Def not racist. I my self would not talk to anyone who doesn’t speak to me in PROPER English, and those who do speak “Ebonics” can come in every color, shape, and size. Perhaps YOU are the racist to generalize like that. Hmmm

  6. I my self would not talk to anyone who doesn’t speak to me in PROPER English,
    – even he is not a native speaker? xenophobic much? GTFO

  7. The 1990’s called and they want the term “Ebonics” back. What an odd thing to mention on your profile. I don’t speak Hungarian, Hindi, or Swahili…WHO CARES?! Everything’s going to be garbled when I shove my cock in your mouth!

    BTW did anyone catch Drew calling Tony a “Tom”? RUDE!


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