Clearly Racist Grindr Douche


Yes, Grindr Douche, being racist towards Asians DEFINITELY makes you a racist.  And by the way, if you were muscular as your profile indicates, you would not be wearing an undershirt on your  cowardly faceless pic.



14 thoughts on “Clearly Racist Grindr Douche”

  1. I kind of agree. A little.
    I’m not sexually excited by Asians for whatever reason. Doesn’t need to be written on my profile though.

  2. If u are not sexually attracted to gay men with Asian features, then that’s fine, but do u really need to announce it to the entire grindr in such a way? It makes you very unattractive not only to Asians, but also to other races…and we haven’t even seen your face, closeted “muscular” boy. How small is your world.

  3. Obviously, he HAS to say it openly, considering all of the stories I hear about Asian guys refusing to take “no” for an answer. Besides, what’s wrong with saying what you don’t like. Why do you feel the need to post your “disapproval” of him, as if he cared?

    1. Startin to think so… wtf is wrong with publicly stating you dont feel sexually attracted to some physical features in an app where the target is sexual encounters??
      You admin are bein racist to all these non-racist guys

  4. Not into Asians? I live in Asia -am from UK -and there’s so many types here! It’s dumber than saying not into Americans!
    You would think gays would be a bit more mindful of intolerance

    1. Some common sense.
      I dont get turned on by most of the far east men, but Asia is fckin big and multiethnic
      I dont get why you say you would think gays would be a bit more mindful of intolerance, tho… idiocy makes no distinctions


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