11 thoughts on “Racist Brain Grindr Douche”

  1. He’s neither a “douche” nor a racist.
    He has every right to his preferences. Your feelings about them are irrelevant. Your obnoxious responses prove that rejecting you was the right idea.

    1. “Your feelings about them are irrelevant. ”

      As is your tiresome rhetoric about “rejection from hot guys”, coupled with your “get over it” attitude.

      1. LOL
        When ANY of you can prove me wrong, I’ll happily change course.
        From the looks of things, I’ll be waiting a while.:)

  2. Noticed a trend here of OP calling everyone who doesn’t want Asians “racist”. Not particularly trying to stick up for any douchebags here but sorry that some people have preferences when it comes to race and simply just aren’t attracted to a certain race. Or are they supposed to feign attraction to said race/ethnicity in order to please OP?

  3. The biggest douching bag on a4a has to be leatheboybg. This guy thinks he is all that a box of used condoms. He is such a queen for someone that is into leather. A Sister of Perpetual indulgement Reno NV chapter. Once he is in your house he expectes to live there. Steal your drugs and packs and even cartons of cigarettes. Goes through the neighborhood garbage cans and brings flee bittten crap into your home without your permission. Expect him to have a party in your home, with your food booze favours lube clothes and boots and gear then be prepared to be called a thief when his stuff, all stollen I’m sure turns up missing. He was in Palm springs now back in Reno unless they Chased him away from there like they did here. I had to call the police to get rid of him. Once the heard who it was 8 cars with 12 officers showed up in mere most minutes. Stay away from Glenn Platter at all cost and warn your niehboors and friends.


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