51 thoughts on “Mirror-less Douche”

  1. At 6’1 225 lbs, he ain’t exactly fit himself. Talk about a douchebag.

    What’s up with people taking pics of themselves inside their cars? Are they stuck in traffic or something?

  2. Apparently guys with Herpes Simplex 1 are fine and dandy, though, from the looks of his lip. Blacks and fat guys, you’ve lucked out!

  3. At 6’1″, he’s technically overweight at 190lbs unless he’s exceptionally muscular. At 226 lbs, he’s only a couple of lbs from technically obese.

  4. Another self-hating bigger guy. Everyone has preferences or a “type”, just don’t be a dick about it. Oh, and he should really get some Abreva for that massive cold sore.

  5. Timmy, Justin is referring to the shells used to make his necklace. Basically he is the guys necklace is tacky…and I agree!! Yuck!

  6. oh, an externalising blockophile! we need a new word where, even the responsibility for the ‘block’ button is put on the target of the racism and homophobia!

    That’s lazy blockophilia – I know, lazy blockophilia –

  7. LMFAO..THIS GUY CAN BE SERIOUS!!!..THIS JUST CANT BE LIFE!?!..HAHAHA HES LIKE A PIG CALLING A ROSTER PHAT..WILBUR IS THAT YOU?..LMAO Hes no where near cute and from the size of him, he just screams pencil dick..lol

  8. He’s fat, ugly, he probably stinks, and needs to go back to studying for his biology test…

    …tomorrow’s school!

  9. As someone black and fat, I can honestly say….EWWWWW!!!!! Ain’t nobody checking for this herpes-having inbred neanderthal, looking like an ugly-ass caveman…

  10. The request by this guy to be blocked is quite revealing. He is asking to be rejected before you even have the chance to reject him. Is a sense, beating you to the punchline. It’s a very sad insight to someone with very low self-esteem. Anyone viewing his profile would be wise to block him as a relationship with anyone this self-hating would be impossible.

  11. Mac,
    let’s be real, chubbies are either adorable or fucking annoying. this one has some acute cuteness deficiency.

  12. I think most of the douchebags are right here commenting. After reading about 10 responses, I’ve figured it out. 97% of the people posting here are just so miserable they feel the distinct need to make everyone else feel miserable.

    Isn’t it great we have a huge public forum (the internet) where every idiot with an IQ over 10 can go to their public library, and spew forth the worst verbal trails that the english language has to offer, and then somehow claim themselves to be better then the person they are putting down.

    If I were a praying man, then I would pray for you all… As the man I am, I feel there is no real salvation for any of you, and you should all consider removing yourselves from the gene-pool with a .45 cal bullet. Do the earth a real favour. If literally all you can do is rant about someone else’s looks. Then you are as shallow as the douchebag you’re complaining about.

  13. The admin is clearly an angry Asian who just can’t get laid no matter how hard he tries because he goes after white dudes. This juvenile Website is his way of getting back.


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