16 thoughts on “Hi IQ Douche”

  1. I must be dumb because I can’t think of a single reason why an arrogant bastard like you would join a hookup site.

  2. If you are not here to meet anyone then why the fuck are you even on Gindr? Stay in your mother’s basement where you feel safe and superior.

  3. Huh? Then why are you here? That’s like going to the dentist and saying, “I’m not here for my teeth!” Anti-social person on a social networking app! Brilliant!

      1. LOL
        My self-esteem’s pretty high, but, that has nothing to do with the fact that he does have a point, which you prove. Constantly.:)

    1. So, telling the truth about you “guys” is ‘typical Grindr douche behavior’?
      Interesting perspective…
      All ya gotta do is prove him wrong, but, you can’t, so you bitch about him and call him names. THAT’S typical douche behavior.


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