Strictly Douche

strictly douche grindr douche


13 thoughts on “Strictly Douche”

  1. Whether you like the term “straight acting” or not, it’s a shorthand for “conventionally masculine enough to be mistaken for straight and therefore able to enjoy straight privilege.” Guys like that tend to be attracted to other guys like that. And being conventionally masculine makes them highly desirable by all gay men, not just other conventionally masculine men. Why? Because gay men are attracted to masculinity. Attraction to femininity is a straight man’s attraction. And when a conventionally masculine man is getting attention from all types of gay men, masculine and feminine, he needs to state he is looking for only those who are conventionally masculine. It doesn’t make him a douche. It means he gets so much attention that he needs to put some kind of filter in place. And yes, that can be done respectfully.


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