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manly grindr douche


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  1. WELL!!! You’re definitely no macho man yourself. Stars by your name, hands on your hip posing in front of the mirror with a shirt that looks like a DRAG QUEEN threw it up after Halloween, oh lets not forget the rainbow shootin’ out your ass, face it kid you’re NYAN CAT!

  2. Tim, he wants gay people are masculine, and insults effeminate people in a 10 word profile. Not classy. Not cool. Not husband material. I want someone who treats others with respect

  3. Are you guys really that sensitive? He wasn’t a douche at all in this profile. I can’t say the same for some of the people commenting, however…

  4. Why do people find internalised homophobia so acceptable?

    Oh that’s right I forgot, they are too stupid to even know what it is.

  5. Wow, that hand perched on his tilted hip makes him look incredibly masculine. I have never understood the obsession with masc/bro types.

  6. It really is sickening how many people have no idea why these guys are douchebags and despite all the LOGIC presented they still choose to live in the dark.

    Straight acting / Men only / no femmes – all of these terms hail back to the time when being gay was a crime and people had to pretend to be something they weren’t in order to avoid persecution or worse. And yet here we have douchebag after Douchebag perpetuating the same oppression against themselves for the simple reason that they hate being gay.

    Despite all the protests that this is not the case, I think any reasoned logical person could see this

    1. no going around saying BS about fem guys when you are femme yourself is the problem. pseudo-macho guys with their hands on their hips run around asking for masc dick so that they can get fucked but have problems with femme guys

  7. Very arrogant, and not all that manly, as much as its not nice to have one’s faults put on the internet, I congratulate this site for making people think, maybe not change, but at least think about the words they use and that they can have a type but exclusion can be done nicely (maybe)

  8. Again, some less than moderately attractive gay boy who is nowhere near as hot as his delusion believes him to be. He won’t be aging well.

  9. Oh Fuck Off! There’s nothing wrong with what he said or looks like. I totally agree with him. And i’d MSG him in a heartbeat!
    Hardly a douche in any respect!

  10. Not a douche. Most people aren’t attracted to feminine men… And acting like a 14 year old girl from the OC is not a natural gay trait (it is either learned or forced), so quit acting like not liking people like that is internalized homophobia.

  11. I think it is better for him to put on here what he prefers, especially for a relationship, than to have to reject anyone who responds.

    We are all looking for something in particular in a bf, he is just telling everyone up front what he is looking for.

    Def not a douche.

  12. Main photo = t-shirt photo = weight issues.

    Fat douche.

    Hamlet would say:

    get thee to a weight room (and a bodybuilding coach who can help you with your diet).

    Neanderthal brow and fat nose…get thee to a plastic surgeon for a brow lift and a rhinoplasty.

  13. ok so just what EXACTLY am I being MASCULINE for?- were not hooking up doode, I’m not looking for THAT!
    ( I already have a partner!)
    so while I am butching it up like crazy here, should we like hang out and share grandmas oatmeal cookie recipes? the secret is in the molasses yanno!

  14. He’s not a douche. There’s nothing “homophobic” about wanting to be around other masculine men, and by responding as you are in your comments, you make his case for him.
    He doesn’t want you.
    Deal with it.:)

  15. if he is so masculine surely then he doesn’t need another masculine man to validate his own existence, heterosexual men who are really masculine find other masculine men a turn off or competition. most heterosexual guys want the opposite of what they are ie. female who is femme. only fake muscle Mary’s who act macho want other macho guys, because deep down they are femme themselves.

  16. Sadam really so that’s why he’s on grindr.. Right. I guess your local school education didn’t include logic.
    You sound incredibly naive about gays in general. Life must be full of surprises for u love.


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