Thesaurus Douche


25 thoughts on “Thesaurus Douche”

  1. I’ve actually met this guy. He’s extremely hot and quite witty. He can douche me anytime because he is fine fine fine!

  2. Yeah, he’s a douche. Sesquipedalian isn’t a noun. It’s exclusively an adjective.

    And it’s worth bragging about that he’s brought about disrepute to his family and is now returning home? Or that he’s dried out his family’s bank accounts? Or that he likes to compare himself to plants?

    So much for his logophilia.

  3. This guy isn’t real or someone regularly uses his pics on adam4adam. Some guy into “fantasies” and bulges. Tries to convince you to have a threesome type encounter but only the guy pretending to be the image comes and he’s fat, old and gross. Beware!

  4. So, he’s someone who spends money recklessly, a fanatic of words, and lacks knowledge of grammar? I wonder what he is trying to compensate for.

  5. I don’t think he’s a douche at all. His sense of humor may not be to everyone’s liking but that doesn’t make him a douchebag.

  6. Awww, all that work at the gym, all the plucking of eyebrows, all the memberships in online sex rooms and chat rooms and apps, and STILL lonely, aging by the day and becoming more of a douche with each stupid comment. I don’t see a good future for him. Burp.

  7. “Sesquipedalian isnt a noun. Its exclusively an adjective.”

    Indeed. He offered no sentences. He must be compensating for the lack of something.

  8. He’s not a douche.
    He’s being humorous, but, a lot of you guys are so used to rejection(Because, perhaps,you know that he’s out of your league?), you can’t even see it. Sad.

    1. Oh I feel so sad because Adam has replied with the same comment he regurgitates every time. You don’t actually help these guys by chiming in, whether the profile is douchesque or not.

      1. Yes, Trent, obviously, my posts-all of them-do bother you.
        The truth tends to do that.
        Just prove me wrong. Once.
        Take your time…:)


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