Filtered Douche

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17 thoughts on “Filtered Douche”

  1. Wow 42 year old guy who only looks at 20-somethings? Good luck with that.

    I agree about not wanting pics of someone’s junk first thing. Even when I’m horny it’s kind of off-putting.

  2. I applaud his honesty, but aren’t people supposed to be sneaky bastards and only advertise their best features?

    Why would you take a pic of yourself half naked when you have enough love handles to feed an entire village for a month?

  3. I LOVE mature guys like under 50 over 30 hugh jackman god damn, god damn. For 43/44 that man could get t *ehem oops sorry their lol.

  4. You nailed in GI Joe. His love handles and just too much! He is so pround of that little 4-pack, it’s all he can see. When will people learn that even though you loose weight and look good (compared to what you used to look like), it still may not be good enough to EXPOSE to the rest of us.

  5. I love the looking fir friends. Isn’t that code for actually married but this us just in case the partner sees this ?

  6. Probably just came out…living in a mindset of a 20s. I really don’t like nipple rings on him especially when he’s losing shape 🙁

  7. Biceps and chest are underveloped. Belly fat is overdeveloped esp. in the love handles.

    Botox then laser skin resurfacing around the eyes, mouth, and forehead are greatly needed.

    Sometimes a daddy *is* better, but to put them down in your profile when you are one makes one a serious douche. Why put down your own kind? Major insecurity…I can guess why. Fix yourself up or keep it to your self. People just assume you have a small one.

    Major douche.

    1. Trent, still mad because I told the truth, eh?
      BTW, what’s with your pathetic bottom-shaming, all because you can’t prove me wrong? Ever?lol


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