Big Douche

a thoroughly big grindr douche


25 thoughts on “Big Douche”

  1. “Be realistic” makes him a douche, it’s redundant. OK you’re not a “chubby chaser,” got it, you don’t need to go the extra mile telling chubby people they’re unrealistic for thinking someone would be a chubby chaser… the fact that the term exists means some people are!

    There should be an extra tag for stuff like that.

  2. Hey it the douchedag him self thanks for all the comment this is a freaking riot…yeah I am quite douchy at times case in point LOL good luck to all of u

  3. I happen to know this guy pretty well and believe me, he’s one of the biggest douchebags I have met and I have met plenty of them. His Smile is sinister and his motives are same. Don’t meet him in a dark alley unless you want molested.

  4. Haha Shaun! You’re hilarious! Can’t believe you made it on here! And by the way people; being arrogant doesn’t necassarily make you a douche.

  5. Is this ironic or just unfortunate?

    This dude is fat in the belly. And the dumb statement on his torso? Wtf?

    The oddly over-developed back neck muscle is weird enough. The too small ears are odd as hell. Get a rhinoplasty and botox in your pug-like forehead and it’ll off-set your other peculiar features. Also, spend your time in the mirror making man faces…not peculiar gay faces.

    Man up.

  6. @Matt, why are your comments always directed at telling people to get Botox? I think that is highly inappropriate

  7. … … …

    First, we should be respectful, then we shouldn’t waste his time with “stupidity”…

    Besides the supposed “size”, the question at hand is whether or not to take him seriously…


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