Speling Douche

spelling douche


23 thoughts on “Speling Douche”

  1. oh, come on. he didn’t say anything nasty. he was just saying what he finds sexually attrasctive. he said hes fine with chatting friends etc for the girly guys. whats wrong with you all. hate on those that deserve it.

  2. At least he is saying that if you are effeminate, he would still be friends with you. But seriously, “queany”? “Indepentent”? Once is a typo. Twice is careless, and possibly uneducated.

  3. Why is he a douche? All he’s saying is that he’s into masculine men not feminine ones, but still wants to be friends. You guys are judgemental!

  4. It’s one thing to say you’re not attractive to feminine or dramatic men, but its another to use words like queen. It’s like someone trying to say they want a physically active and built partner, but instead say, “no lard asses please.”

  5. So that is my profile and for all you judgemental idiots on here calling me ugly are just immature. Yes I misspelled “independent” but I did not spell quean incorrectly and if you spent half as much time as you did bitching on learning then you’d realise that. Also, I find it funny that I have been posted on this here website, cheers.

    P.s if you took offense to what I said then you’re obviously a bitchy femme boy.

  6. This guy is actually a very nice guy all you haters go fuck yourselves. So what if he spelt idependent wrong big woop. Google quean dip shits! All you bitches saying he is ugly what’s that got to do with one spelling mistake? Grow up you assholes shaun don’t worry about these cockheads xx

  7. I.was informed about this, so I decided I would have a look. My friends also found this and if they want to comment on this then they’re free to do so without anyone throwing their two bobs worth in on why they did.

    The most interesting this is… well it’s more pathetic than anything is that this site even exists for a bunch of (I’m assuming fully grown) men to bitch about others and act like school kids.

    People nees to.grow up, get a life and stop projecting their problems onto someone else.

  8. G.I Joe – your name pops up quite a bit on this repulsive site and you call anyone ugly. You’re pathetic and obviously lacking in intelligence.

    Let’s have a little English lesson.

    “Hes” is not a word, I believe the word you were looking for is “he’s” as in “he is,” still, that’s the wrong word. You were after “his” as in “his face”

    You have no right to act like a “higher power” and call someone ugly when you have no photo of yourself. Some maturing is a must for you and some decency.

  9. This guy is the biggest douche! He now has a creepy pedo stash and is the biggest QUEEN around. He thinks he is (and I’m directly quoting him here) “ghetto fierce”. But truly his a pile of shit living in government housing and on social security


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