Size Douche

size queen grindr douche
Well they say there are two kinds of gay men, size queens and liars. Well at least this one isn’t lying.



7 thoughts on “Size Douche”

  1. I wouldn’t see an issue if the cock size thing. But then saying he’s looking for friends. What a bad look.

    1. Trent, I’m not defending this guy so much as stating that he has every right to post what he wants, however he wants it. If you cannot handle his preferences, just ignore him, but, you can’t, for the reasons that I’ve already stated.
      prove me wrong.:)

  2. So he’s only looking for friends but friends with cocks over 6.5″? So when we all go looking for friends we should all ask to see their cocks first to see if they measure up to being a friend?


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