Pointed Douche

pointed grindr douche


8 thoughts on “Pointed Douche”

  1. So is he a douche because he’s selective with whom he chats or because he’s just blunt about it? Because you guys, given your propensity to judge harshly/general bitterness, would be hard-pressed to say you’ll reply to anyone on Grindr. At least this “douche” is honest about it.

  2. Black Saab, he is a douche not because he is picky, but because he is picky, but gives no reason to be.

    If you are going to brag that you are so good looking that you can be arrogant, then you better show us a good body and face that proves it. THis fuzzy shot is disposable.

  3. I would never message a torso. I want to see a face, but that’s just me. Otherwise, while it’s a pretty blunt statement, it’s also true. If somebody doesn’t reply, usually that means they’re not interested.


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