Highed Up Douche

highed up grindr douche


19 thoughts on “Highed Up Douche”

  1. 18 and so many tattos? I don’t think so.

    So three options here:
    1. It’s not his actual age
    2. It’s not his actual pic (and that means he’s a freak)
    3. It’s neither his pic NOR his actual age.

  2. Sadly I don’t meet his stringent standards. And to think I miss a perfect opportunity to contract Hep C and/or HIV. Damn. My loss for sure.

  3. The only people who perpetuate negativity based on how someone looks/ acts are those people who find fault in one person and extrapolate that fault over an entire group of people. We all have free will, we can be as trashy or as classy as we want and should NOT be expected to represent anyone other than ourselves. That being said, Wiz isn’t my favorite looking person in the world, and this guy is definitely a mega-douche for this profile.

  4. You have to be 23? That’s a really odd requirement. So nobody who is 22 or 24? Or does 23 mean something else that I’m missing?

  5. I’m not a fan of full body tats BUT why is it that when its a Black or Latino guy,its trashy? But when its a White guy its art???

  6. This guy’s worse than a douche.
    When you hate yourself so much that you use others’ slurs against you as a personal identifier, you need your head examined, period.


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