BiBi Douche


15 thoughts on “BiBi Douche”

  1. WTF? Ok so he’s Bi, and seeing a girl, and not available for hookups. But yet he has an age requirement and doesn’t want you to be too “hard to get”. At least he’s not a pedophile (as indicated by his repulsion to guys that look like children). Seriously dude, wtf are you here for?

  2. I agree with him on “no hard to get stuck up twinks that look like children” Naaaaaaasty fucking falsely stuck up child-looking twinks LOVE to play hard to get to boost that hairless self-esteem.

  3. @ricky lopez, People can be bi, you douche. If you dont like bi people. Then refrain from commenting on them. Because at least they have the balls to say if they like both, rather than going to either extreme to make life easier (or seem easier).

  4. I’m bi… :D. Fuckin love it.
    I think I kind of understand.
    Maybe he’s just wanting to chat with gay and bi guys. Staying faithful and building friendships. I think he has a sexy chin. I respect his discretion.
    And his partner may know he’s on Grindr. My ex did. I have always been open about going both ways.
    Even had a couple of poly relationships.
    I guess, other than the way he described the youngsters out there ruffling their feathers…. This guys alright by me. It’s a lot of presumption I guess.

  5. Lol wants to advertise for sex without admitting it incase he is caught out! I guess guys with issues are big on grindr!

  6. Dude’s not a douche and he has a point.
    Obviously, he wants to connect with other(if he’s really smart)bi guys on a platonic level, of his own age group and mentality. Everyone has the right to create their own peer group.
    If gay guys feel embittered because it doesn’t include them, so be it. Perhaps, they should consider their ways(i.e., bitchiness).

  7. Of course he’s not a douche cos you find him attractive. He could pretty much say anything and you’d be his big ol bottom.

    1. Trent, quit projecting, and what’s with your constant attempts at “bottom-shaming”?
      I guess you have to try anything to distract from the fact that you’ll never be able to prove me wrong. Ever.:)


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