Animal Cruelty DOuche

Now this just ain't right.

16 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty DOuche”

  1. Why’s this even on here? Just cuz he’s using his cute dog as a prop/accessory does not make him a douche. Admins need to select better screenshots to post.

  2. I agree. If this site keeps posting these non-Douchey pics then what’s the point. Stick to the racists and homophobes please. Ps I think he’s HOT!!!

  3. i personally do not find any douchey on this one. But, where is the ‘abercrombie’ racist douche profile ? Did it get deleted or something?

  4. why some of the entry has no ‘submit’ button for the comment. I can’t even comment on some of the entry now. Admin, can you fix it?

  5. The only douche is the admin for uploading an image of a guy doing fuck all wrong.
    If he was an average bloke… I’m sure this wouldn’t have gone up.
    Says more about the admins feeling of life’s rejections than this bloke.

    Keep the douches and clear out all these blokes that are just rolling along.

  6. As it’s confirmed through popular consensus that he really isn’t all that douchey, I must ask: Was there something that happened between you and this guy that we’re unaware of? Perhaps a conversation chatlog would help

  7. The administrator probably posted this guy’s pick after the guy rejected him, saying that his dog was the only kind of bitch he tolerates.

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