Yeah okay whatever but you know you have a pussyface, right?


39 thoughts on “Yeah okay whatever but you know you have a pussyface, right?”

  1. These “no fem, if I wanted a girl… etc.” are usually the most effeminate guys. I don’t knock him for his personal preferences, but come on. How can he demand of others what he doesn’t possess himself.

  2. there are a lot of guys out there who wear makeup, gold shoes, big sunglasses, etc. I’m not attracted to them and I don’t dress like that myself.

  3. congratulations element_lad, you’ve just shown how unaccepting you are of your own community. you don’t have to fuck guys like that, nor do you have to be attracted sexually to them, but for pete’s sake, you should accept them for who they are.

      1. jude, all i can say to you is BLAH BLAH BLAH.

        Here’s what’s wrong with your logic (although I know I’m wasting my breath):

        You say I can’t accept other people’s opinions if they differ from my own. This is not actually the case. I am happy to accept a wide variety of opinions, just not those that espouse racism or homophobia. These two traits are opinions that have caused untold suffering to people all over the world, and they are therefore opinions that SHOULD NOT be accepted.

        Can you understand that Jude? (I know you can’t, but thought I’d ask you anyway…)

  4. Oh Jude your so painfully retarded. It’s not about accepting people’s opinions it’s about rejecting language that has it’s basis in hatred. If we follow your logic then we would all have to accept the opinion of the nazis that the Jews deserved to be gassed. You are out of your depth and your ego is too fragile to even contemplate that as a possibility. Simply put, You’re an embarrassment

      1. Except he said from the outset that his issue wasn’t related to preferences but how those preferences are made known. Learn how to read. Many guys don’t fuck stupid after all.

  5. All Element_lad said was that he wasn’t attracted to a specific kind of guy. How does that equate to being “unaccepting” of them? Sounds like you’re just a defensive little queen to me, Yuck.

    1. No, the problem is that this douche defines men as a stereotypical ideal of what a man is. In fact, by defining men in this way, he is excluding and yes, even degrading men who act differently from the norm, when as a gay man, he himself is not a typical man. When is “acting like a girl” ever used in a positive light? He isn’t just stating a preference, he’s saying it in a rude/hateful way.

    2. Back to “How Not to Be A Homophobic Douchebag 101” for you Caliber!

      Guys, this is really basic stuff. It’s not rocket science. I find it amazing just how many people keep defending homophobia and racism as “preference” on this site.

      It’s simple really:

      1. If you arent’ attracted to Asians, you don’t have to write it like an ignorant arsehole. Just don’t respond if they message you. The same way you wouldn’t respond if someone of your own race messaged you who you aren’t attracted to. Or respopnd politely with a “No Thanks.” Really this is not a hard thing to grasp.

      2. Most guys who say “str8 acting only” or “no femmes” or “no queens” havemnt really accepted themselves as being gay men. What they are kinda trying to say is “I’m gay, but one of the good ones” or “I’m gay, but I’m normal,” or “I’m gay, please accept me!” In my experience some of the truly gayest, femme men I’ve met have “str8 acting” written in their profiles, and they generally havce no clue how gay they behave (because this type of man projects his gayness onto the world without realising it). It’s not like there’s an army of femme, camp men out there who are about to rape you silly if you leave the house. No one is forcing you to have sex with them. So once again, either ignore them if they message, or politely say no thanks.


      1. And good on you for fighting that fight for everyone Yuck. You’re really making your contribution to Grindr etiquette. Well done. Do us all a favour and go into Politics. It’ll save everyone the desktop sanctimony and faux outrage.

  6. I see nothing wrong with this. He has the right to choose. I’m the same way I want a man, and nothing wrong with just wanting a man who act like a man.

  7. Jude ur a sad case with clearly a low IQ. and every one of your posts proves it. Keep supporting the racists and the homophobes on here. You’re rubbish

  8. I’m the person in question here and I have every right to like a certain type of person…be it blonde, brunette, Asian, straight acting, severly camp. I don’t want to waste people time so why not put it out there! There was a guy the other day who had “Asians need not apply.” that doesn’t make him an asshole he just knows he’s not into that specific type of person.

  9. i dont understand some people have a preference who they like and what types of guys they into. I dont see nothing wrong with that. Grindr ettiqute u shouldnt take Grindr so seriously. Douchebags on Grindr all the time.

  10. Ok here’s where I have to state some facts. There have always been a spectrum of masculinity and femininity amongst the human race, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. And also, an effeminate man is not equivalent to a woman. Why? Because we have a f**kin penis between our legs and we are comfortable with it! Dur! That’s all the proof of that you need!

  11. Oh

    “effeminate man is not equivalent to a woman. Why? Because we have a f**kin penis between our legs and we are comfortable with it!”

    Thanks for sharing that. A very cool perspective. And shameful I needed to see it. Still… The stereotypical man is what I am attracted too.
    Very delicate guys don’t excite me or attract me. Zero, nothing. Even the hot guy you connect with and swap numbers. If he has a light voice with eleaborated words and even a lisp . I tap out there
    I’d never write that on Grindr

  12. @leebeejeebee – You’re not a douche bc you prefer “masculine” men. You’re a douche bc in your profile you imply that there is something wrong with effiminate guys, and/or people that are attracted to them. Yous gots issues..

  13. He’s not a douche. He has every right to not be attracted to femme guys, and say so, however he wants to say it. How you feel about it is irrelevant. He didn’t create his ad for your pleasure. Besides your comments are exactly the kind of tripe that is such a turn-off.
    You may now proceed to prove me right.

  14. Apart from Adams oh so boring comment… Don’t get what’s so douchey here. There’s plenty racist stuff goung on this guys profile is theoretically ok and he’s cute!

  15. Again not that bad ..but the text and pic don’t match . I call stolen pic as the text looks like it was written by a 18 yr old on his first beer .


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