Told: Douche

Huge... Douche

11 thoughts on “Told: Douche”

  1. What famous Italian Brand is there were a model would be in the closet? Whats worse the closet case status, or the insistence on him being a 10? If you have to declare it, you likely aren’t.

  2. Down date? Been told you’re VGL? Descrete model? Dude you’re a hot mess at best! At worst you’re a sad troll who’s looks will fade quickly. Best of luck.

  3. I think going on a date with someone who is completely into themselves would be considered a “downer date”.

  4. He’s right. Why should he “down date”? You “guys” are the gay equivalent of those fat,ugly straight guys who try to sleep with supermodels!

  5. rolls eyes25 minutes of hell 10:18:54 PM – Mon. Feb 7. 207&1u1#82m1;s “25 minutes of hell” is tough.Good job KU, that is 12 wins in a row against mu at KU,, keep up the good work …. one game at a time.


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