Personal Douche

I can't figure out what makes me want to blow you more... the glasses or the duckface.

15 thoughts on “Personal Douche”

  1. He’s telling other people to be realistic? Personal trainers are a dime a dozen these days – nothing special. He should be so lucky!!!

    Once again – YUCK!!!!

  2. Maybe he is telling his personal trainer to be realistic. Most people can’t spin straw into gold, you know.

  3. Why do people make that face???? Seriously…why???
    And what is up with those glasses? They look like they came from Party City at Halloween time.

  4. Just discovered this website, and it’s thrilling to see a guy who’s local to me so prominently featured! He’s also got a granny shower curtain in his other pics.

  5. you’re too dumb to land a real job & too bald and too much of a douche to get a decent partner, that’s as realistic as it goes with ya, neckbeard face.

  6. I don’t think he a douche just because he asks people to be realistic about their standards and expectations, but I’ll never hire a personal trainer who’s shoulder has no size and no definition apart from the rest of the arm. Come on, man, seriously!? Do you ever military press?

  7. Christs everyone is a ” trainer ” these days just like in the 90s,everyone was a ” designer “.


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