No White Douche


9 thoughts on “No White Douche”

  1. So, he’s not into white guys. What’s the problem. People of color have their preferences, too, and they don’t always include you.
    Get into it. Or get over it.:)

  2. I’m not attracted to white guys(and i’m white), they are 99.999% racist, does that make me racist? Oh well, I guess I proved my own point.

    1. You’re right not to date white people, for whatever reason there is. As a white gay man who is into black men, I can talk you we white people do a lot of stupid things trying to catch any spark of attention from you guys, often offering nothing on the table but our admiration. To think about it, it’s cringe worthy. It is best if we keep our admiration in the closet and keep communication to the bare minimum in a politically correct fashion.

  3. I can understand why black gay men who are into black men would be very adverse towards white men. Likelihood for poor genetics and body physique among white gay population aside, white men often get disproportionate interest from black men due to DL and hustle reasons, which forces black men to compete with such unhealthy motivation for dating on their own merit. Not a douche, just victim of the interracial meat market.


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