Hair Douche


19 thoughts on “Hair Douche”

  1. So damned cute! Goddamn! And hes into lady gaga from those lyrics! Damn! You should change the name of the site to just post any interesting Grindr pics, i dont think hes a douchebag.

    1. Yes, but I’m sure Gaga didn’t make a song called “Anal Wart”. Though, it wouldn’t shock me. AND I STILL LISTEN TO HER. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

  2. I think anyone who says “Amaze me,” “Don’t bother,” or “…need not apply” automatically qualify for douche status. He’s still young enough to likely think he really is his hair, song title or not.

  3. So wtf is up guys? Im sorry that y’all find a need to sit here and just make fun of people online. Kinda sad your life has come to that but in my defense I f I walked by any of you on the street I probably wouldn’t look twice, hell even once at you. Don’t hate kids.

  4. I have no clue why he is insulting his poor hair like that.
    It might be, because it can’t talk back, or kick its owner in his probably non-existing balls.

  5. This lad hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve this amount of hate.
    Sheesh… Give me a douchebag????
    That’s what I come here for.

  6. Irritatingly superficial, yes; but, that’s just my personal social “preference”.

    Why exactly are we considering him a douche, per se? Because, I’m not seeing it.


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