Hail Douche!


15 thoughts on “Hail Douche!”

  1. Says the guy who
    a/ looks like a 12 year old
    b/ is dressed like a freshman at a college Halloween party

    You know, it’s so “mature” to say the other kids are, like, totally immature!

  2. So many people who think it’s sexy to bitch about shit on their hookup profiles, and this one’s a perfect example. I guess we know who isn’t getting any from Grindr.

  3. I honestly think this is being misinterpreted, I think he’s referring to people’s maturity levels and not their masculinity.

  4. Okay, his pic is a bit over the top, but his comment isn’t douchey. There are a lot of idiots that need to grow up and act like men instead of little boys.

      1. Agreed. Whilst it may have been misinterpreted, doesn’t mean the guy is any less of a douche/secretly a 12 year old boy. I mean, look at him…Who would tap that?

  5. @Spence: that must be the one on the left.

    Jeez, this has got to be a faker, otherwise I might lose all faith in mankind.

  6. Not a douche. Some younger lads love to explore their sexuality forgetting the person they are toying with are real people. I agree, some guys need to grow up and htfu.
    I reckon he’s an Aussie… Seems like a very natural phrase here.


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